Looking For A Co-Player


Hi guys,

I need a co-player(s) who can play from BST 20:00 - 15:30

Must have Skype.
Must be experienced with good history of past worlds/ign's.
Must be able to Snipe and Send 150 - 50 mm trains.
Must be able to pay for monthly prem, FA and AM.

If You Feel You Have These Qualities Then Please PM Me Or Contact Me Via Skype

Skype: theguynamedsam


Not sure if the time you want covered is a typo but 20:00 to 15:30 is a long time :D


Yes I know mate.
I'm kinda busy with work.
Which is why I said co-player(s) so if they can't cover the whole time then I can get another to fill in.