Looking for Active Tribe.


Hello All

Im back after a 3 year break can't beleive we on on W17!

Anyway, Im looking for a tribe and trying to figure out whose who, and what war is where with who?

Im out right on the southern edge looking for a tribe to join, Anyone who deosnt know me in T3RR0R from W2 (uk) played previously on .net worlds since W6 under different names.

A bit of my experience: UK2 Was leader of a ranked 3 tribe (C~C), with ODA and ODD to match. only got to 20ish villages before quitting due to Real Life. Now looking to sit quietly in a tribe and do what im told.
W6, W19 got to over 100+ villages on both worlds, no barb nobling, and only 3-10 internal nobling.

Im pretty helpful and can advise new players with questions.

Wanted to join a world that is high developed to test a few theories and tactics.

PM me in game to grab my attention.

(Hello Thar! good to see you back)