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Discussion in 'UK 23 - Recruitment and Applying To Tribes' started by 0 s0 speedy, Feb 24, 2016.

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  1. 0 s0 speedy

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    Well, after the Christmas period work has quietened down and i'm looking to get back into normal worlds with a bit more time commitment. I work 5-6 hours in the afternoon 5 days a week but have access via mobile with skype app attached.

    I've played TW for 9 years and speed for 5. I'm capable and with activity will be a valuable asset to any account.

    I do like to play aggressively and have my say in the situation of the world. I like to analyze the map and make my suggestions to affect it.

    I have skype so feel free to hit me up on 'nechromancer_w36' with the subject - W23 acc (i don't add randomers.)

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