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To be absolutely fair to the guys n gals from Lol/SWTEA I know have 12 incomming, with proper timed attacks

Be careful what you wish for folks :D

I only had enough forces to kill one nuke, so game over for me, and I wont be restarting as I wont ever be able to compete against an enemy with this level of dominance - but it has been fun, and I have learnt some new tricks from friends and enemies alike, so thanks and no complaints ;)

Hope I will see some of you on world 14, be a real shame if a tribe like you doesnt go again, and even more than that, I hope TW stop the whole money whoring methods that they have employed on world 14 - some of the ideas are good and I appreciate they are a business, but its going to kill the established game play of TW if they arent careful


Just before you head for the sunset south-bye .... we are not asking for a rule change at any point .... the only thing that I am aware of that has been suggested to the Gods is that we would like the world to be closed to re-starts.

If that happens - which considering the level of dominance we already have it would be late compared the % of tribe dominance to a number of previous worlds - which in turn, would mean the world will almost certainly be, 100% owned by 1 tribe , before the end of a full year.

Our tribes are going to merge in the very near future. It is over 2 full months since both tribes considered recruiting and or setting a time to officially end our alliance and dismissed the idea as unnecessary because we were confident that in the coming battles that we would be able to see off the challenge from the larger but unorganised number of players that were unable to form any kind of stable alliance or even a stable leadership.

We have had lower than the full complement of players for the vast majority of the time since the world started and recruiting would simply have meant that we would be offering either enemies we have already beaten or late comers such as yourself and can you honestly say you have earned the right to 1 of those final places? ; the chance to join 1 or other of the eventual winning tribes while those we have stood shoulder to shoulder with lose the final battle.

With that level of forward thinking we have allowed our numbers to dwindle naturally and as some players form each tribe have quit we have refused to replace them. None have been forced to merge accounts to make a tribe merge possible as happened on UK8.

1 tribe will own 100% of the world at the end and it will consist of the current members of Lol and SWTEA minus 1 or 2 that have moved on mainly due to boredom at this stage.
This world is over and in record time. We would like to see that acknowledged before the end but if it isn't then we will still finish the world to the letter of our planning.

I also have 1 final point and that is that you are talking about an individual level of skill .... 3 weeks ago old dan was a top ten player and he put up 1 of the strongest fights to survive. I dumped approx. 40 nukes on his villages 3 weeks ago (over a full 3 DAY period) and didn't get a single village for my efforts. :( .... he may tell you that I am a terrible player if you ask him - but I'm still here and he isn't!

A week later he was heading out of the top forty and spiraling down with the vast majority of his villages going to Lol players .... he is an excellent player but was simply worn down by team work .... as was just about every other enemy player on UK12. I know for a fact that my nukes contributed greatly to the cause and it has been like that from the start.

Intentionally spreading out the times of attacks against you means you need to be on line several times during the day rather than just one particular time to dodge and snipe a tidy little group.

1 of my biggest disappointments of this world has been the complete absence of variation from the majority of players we have faced to achieve their goals. I am not suggesting that you had a number of options available to you but many before you did and as far as I am concerned I am happy to see that we are still doing what needs to be done efficiently instead of pretending that we should try and fight every remaining player with some form of classic 1 v 1 scenario.

So in answer to your thread title, no , we are not going to make UK12 interesting for anybody in any way shape or form in the future. Done is done.

GL on world 14.


Good post Peter.

I wouldnt make a claim to a spot - I joined johhny come late and havent been in a situation where I would have a chance to prove either way - as you say, the players that joined at the start had their chance and missed it.

Thanks for the clarification of what has been asked - its certainly different then what I believed and is much more reasonable.

For obvious reasons I wont be restarting, I would love to try to prove I am a good player, and keep on grinding, but even with constant farming, near 24 hour online time (thanks for smart phones at work lol) there is no way for a new start to catch up with 90 vill + owners - as quite rightly there shouldnt be.

Cheers for the gl on W14, I wont be paying all my money to tribal wars other then premium, as it is pure money suckage and no justification other then "business" so its going to prove interesting playing those mad fools with more money then sense :D


In all honesty it is a good call.

There are 263 players with villages left on the world .... 24 of those are the min. 26 pts. and only 108 players have over 1000 points and currently 49 of those players are in either Lol or SWTEA and 4 of those will be internaled or simply allowed to go barb in the coming weeks.

That leaves us with 131 players ranging from 1000 points to 26 and while understand they need to be removed to fulfill the win condition it becomes somewhat of an exercise in futility if they can simply re-start and be the same size again in less than a week.

I was and still am convinced that the "World ends as it starts" should never be compromised or be dictated to by any tribe and especially the largest 1's on any world, though the need for common sense to have the final say goes without saying .... or at least, should do.

That said, there is no mention as to when re-starts will be no longer permitted and while it would normally be expected not to be introduced until after the win condition time frame has been met we are already sending nukes on 80 hr round trips to clear 40 point villages in the hope that players simply give up and quit.

Between the 2 tribes we have been consistently taking 30 -40 villages on a daily basis for over a month. At that rate if the world is closed to re-starts we can realistically expect to close the world before Christmas.

If not .... we could still be nobling the same players for the 10th time next March which simply makes a mockery of the game and will see more players drift away from sheer boredom.

What might be fun for those that are left is the remote possibility that we may even refuse to noble any more players until the world is closed. Farming another 90 or 100 coins in order to take another 100 point village from a player that was already rimmed the week before doesn't hold much appeal to me or any of the other players who have worked so hard over the last 9 months and makes even less sense.



To the mods of w12

please i am begging you, close off w12.
its an exercise in futility now taking 45 pt villas when players just respawn