Making a tribe


Guys and girls,

I don't know any one on this server. I use this name in .net, and wouldn't mind meeting some people from this world and leading a tribe again for the first time in a while! So if you are interested in joining what I hope will be a decent tribe, join in the SW direction at around 22:00, and I will be playing the account named bye bye.

You can apply to the tribe either via mail to me here, or in game. Preferably in game, as I check that a lot more often. To start off with, the requirements will be lowered, however those that aren't pulling their weight will be cut off. It will not be an elitist tribe, so we will accept a few players even if they do not have a lot of experience.

Requirements for the tribe
- Fair amount of activity
- Good location for the tribe
- Either decent experience or a good display of willingness to learn
- Either participation in the forums and skype, or good communication with the players around you

What you can expect from the tribe
- Very aggressive nature
- Limited diplomacy
- Hopefully, a tribeful of good personalities willing to contribute towards the tribe [I am not afraid to kick people who do not contribute at all]

Let me know if interested.

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Changed the time to 21-22:00 today, for any one interested.