your a very interesting person to say the least but i do believe disbanding the tribe your leader of without notice to it's members to then join the enemy to save yourself just because you lost a village or 2 is considered running. at best that makes you a refugee.

based on the mails between us in game LK if you were seriously Op'd you wouldn't last 5 minutes because honestly i dont think you even possess 1% of the skill of that of a noob let alone someone who knows what their doing.

so please for everyone's sake keep quiet in the cheap seats....

Who are you again???

I was the leader of ~TR~ yes
We was back stabbed & attacked by 2 of the biggest tribes at the time & to be fair it was only a hand full of people helping to defend the tribe.

We sniped multiple trains & stacked key villages but when only 4/5 players help & take part we can’t defend 35 players.

So we cut our dead weight & the players who helped & took part moved on.

So it isn’t considered a refugee.

So obviously you don’t know what your talking about yet again.

Even ban hammer knew the problem ~TR~ was facing as we was in contact at the time.

Obviously don’t even know who you are so unsure on what mails your talking about but I can guarantee I’m better than you