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Name: Lets say it's Dave, okay?

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Tribal Wars Job: I read your posts and decide if I shall pinch you for making me read or not.

History: I have been playing the game for which these forums are an external hub of community love, care and cuddliness, since somewhere in 2007. Having started on the international server. I'm pretty much horrible at it.

Location: Some place where the people are barbaric and do not speak the glorious English language.

Favorite Beverage (alcoholic): Any sort of beer

Favorite Beverage (non-alcoholic): beer?

Hobbies: I play the Trumpet, games (Playing Tera a lot), music in general, reading, Tribalwars. that last one is a joke.

Favorite Music: Metal/Rock usually. But anything could find its way I think.

Favorite TV Shows: Tom & Jerry, Pinky & The Brain, GoT (tho losing interest)

Favorite Movies: LotR, Interstellar

I can't live without: Nice food, entertainment.

I don't like: People posting things I need to act upon.
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No need to come unto him Gab. He did say he has a girlfriend.