Mask Declares on TCE


First came FIRM and their Infants school Firm 2 they came to destroy our little tribe
5 times our size spears a rattling.
They waged on the forums a war of pnp saying how easy it would be,they laughed and mocked
but down they fell non the less.
Many left and joined other Tribes, but a few formed a new tribe The Crimson Eagle well its time
for Mask to finish off that bloodied bird

Mask declares on TCE

Im sure Twins of Evil will comment and improve on the declaration in his own time lol


Fair enough - but you'll have to be quick before NWO recruit them!


that a foolish mistake by nwo like as they are already at war and if they take in refugees then it will give mask a reason to hit them as well and getting hit from both sides when your players a spread thin wont be good at all


just cleared these up

since they panicked n some run to nwo did become mostly a ww and krunt vs these guys

stats ended on 112 to 1, the one being a retake.

so now stands at

firm destroyed
firm 2 destroyed
nwo destroyed
tce destroyed
war pending

upon wars demise we can end the barb nobling blight of k45