Mask vs NWO


he has killed plenty of nukes and nobles in last day or two,

ask andy or pangela how there last two days have been with pac, many nukes went bang.


so pacmon has lost plenty of nukes and nobles and got poor oda and made no gains? isn't that a good thing for mask not pacmon :p


well its obvious that a turtle would have poor oda lol,

he has few nukes left as mask cleared them so he cant make gains in villages yet...


still waiting on rage for these incomings, come on!!! show me what your made of, you promised me i was next rage.


d1mension on 02.02.2013 at 12:51 said:
2 Mask 18.923.722 18.923.722 19 995.985 2000 9.462

Thats right a massive 2000 vills, we keep going from strength to strength.

good stuff keep it up!

(if you can't see me round the back for some blue pills in 10 mins)

lol we had it yesterday but gotta keep our high standards up, no room for slackers here ;)

but thanks a lot ,

Grats on helps! ascendancy to rank 3, deffo a 3 tribe race now imo

When all said and done though we have our heart set on a far more valuable stat!

And we are chasing it down well:

Opponents defeated (Tribes)

1 ExPiReD 129,37 Mil.
2 Mask 103,18 Mil. :icon_twisted:


NWO are mostly gone maybe this is the end of this thread lol


Feb 06
01:04 The tribe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (disbanded) was defeated.

Another one bites the dust
Thats right, a tribe twice our size beat down by the best in the business.

Not only that, our strong east had other things to keep them busy, and our west was massively out of range after they kicked players to try and save stats, so a very much Nwo vs mask's central boys, but my oh my did our central boys give them a kicking.

Silly move

Having ended our nap for various reasons, and Nwo being unable to renegotiate with us, we declared war on 13.01.13, 17:03.
We chilled out, had a few stabs, then as all good tribes did a coordinated a strike 1 week later which broke the pac account, the following days we included heavy hits on other Nwo members.

Losing resolve!

Villages began to tumble from all area's their former rank 2 and rank 4 players booted out of the top 5 to be replaced by Mask members.
Players began to be kicked, or left the tribe, drivers left accounts, these player were not used to the barbs they noble to fight back, let alone nuke en masse and to coordinate so well.

Didn't learn...

Firm declared on mask at 4x our size and got slapped back to reality, one would of thought a tribe made up of some of those members but not only 2x our size would play with their heads more, sadly has not been the case, and we become tiresome of what is in reality, just a huge internal mission.

We today have officially smashed this tribe and all that it stood for, and proved our ability and team work will beat any cluster hugging, hopefully these players on future worlds learn from this and take up aggressive player fighting mentalities.

Other side of the coin?

Ill be honest and say whilst i didn't come across any decent fighters in my small contributions to said war, i did meet a couple of people to whom not only I have come to like as people, but can also tell another story of nwo.

Both soop and Gain warnham, do sadly it looks like this world is just about over for them, but both were great people, whats interesting is they do not speak of a war where 2 bulls locked horns and our bull was stronger, they speak of sadly a tribe revolving around the ever recurring family at the center of this tribe.

Gain spoke of how he had been especially unselfish on this world and committed to the tribe, only to be left in the cold when Mask came sniffing for vills.
Soop saw first hand how her efforts towards her tribe when topdog ascended to duke the tribe:

TopDogInDaHood Jan 29,2013 20:54
i cant go on like this i need to sort of a chance of survival, im going to help tomorow night, will leave tribe in your hands and control

Soop is perhaps thee nicest and most pleasant person ive met on tw, let alone w13, yet i could feel how betrayed she felt to read that the duke, (who id like to add recently called half the top 10 players a traitor) was leaving behind all the member in the core of Nwo who had been committed to the tribe and stuck with it even after its foolish decisions, selfish sighting his own survival.
Been a pleasure to know them both, and im sure behind the tyranny of the Nwo leadership, theirs some good people, after all, if you cut off the head what good is the body?

My thanks to these 2 players for helping me learn the inside story of what went on in nwo, and whilst this war has been a landslide victory for mask, we shall press on with fighting these traitors, no loose ends as the saying goes.


Rank, Name, Tribe Conquered villages, Lost villages, Defeated opponents while attacking, Defeated opponents while defending

1 pangela Mask 47 2 4.815.925 1.054.906

2 andyh370 Mask 37 0 4.875.753 719.311

3 xlapa Mask 30 0 3.249.675 72.232

4 The Cabbie Mask 26 0 2.071.837 333.790

5 d1mension Mask 7 0 825.974 2.368

6 TopDogInDaHood WAR 6 3 422.377 448.601

7 CottonBud Mask 5 6 1.593.397 2.073.791

8 toon Mask 3 0 485.038 0

9 Fruit Twist WAR 2 0 738.901 1.731.628

10 gumanyone? Mask 2 0 361.501 203.638

11 krunt Mask 1 0 87.685 379.038

12 zerovalve Attack 0 0 80.882 0

13 MDK23 Mask 0 0 278.668 0

14 Assassin222 XpRd 0 0 0 286

15 the bagman Mask 0 0 78.676 0

16 colinfriston (disbanded) 0 0 25 0

17 Grizzly nr.1 HELP! 0 0 0 18.374

18 Psbruce Mask 0 0 49.240 0

19 tartankavu Cloak 0 1 103.842 29.070

20 Gain warnham (disbanded) 0 65 509.291 5.242.351

21 Pacmon WAR 0 76 534.321 10.442.721

22 worsttimedplayer worst 0 1 0 54

23 pwned plox (disbanded) 0 0 63.927 0

24 tueb WAR 0 1 437.192 1.697.219

25 aide454 Mask 0 0 83.061 141.444

26 Gesler Mask 0 0 68.379 0

27 kdiamond (disbanded) 0 11 0 1.498.641

28 FruitSalad HELP! 0 0 167 53.263

29 olivenb Mask 0 0 123.281 57.006

Mask ODA gained via Tmnt

Mask ODD gained via Tmnt

Tmnt ODA gained via Mask

Tmnt ODD gained via Mask

Big shout out to everyone in Mask, Rank 2 tribe, near rank 1 in war ODA and has rank 1 war ODD and chasing down rank 1 tribal ODT.

You have officially earned a 30 minute break, but then back to it :icon_wink:

(we have decided not to glorify the clean up of War, so shall still use this thread for updates, but as far as WG/Firm/Tmn/Nwo/tmnt saga goes, this signifies the end!)