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Hi, everyone,

since one of our biggest projects, the new Android version of Tribal Wars Mobile, has been tackled and is now available for everyone, we want to hear your opinion. Since both, the Android and iOS versions are now on equal footing, we can more easily create and develop for both of them, and we're always looking for ways to improve it. You could of course help us by answering the following questions:

1. What are things you can do on mobile, but seem easier or better to do on browser right now?
2. What are things you can do on browser but can't do on mobile?
3. What small pieces of info are missing on mobile? What are the most annoying aspects of playing on mobile, even when using it as a companion app?
4. What are some unique features you would like to see on mobile that are not available on browser either?

Thank you,
your TW Team


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Couple things I can do on desktop and not mobile:

Being able to search reports (text based search bar) would be great :)
And accepting reports that are forwarded to you.