Most ridiculous places to have played tw from


for jimmy lol

as the thread title says,

what is the most ridiculous place from which or situation in which you have played tw?


A while ago playing a different world (UK2 I think) during a wedding reception ran upstairs to the hotel bedroom a few times to send attacks on the laptop.

By the end of the night could hardly see the screen let alone press attack. I think the randomness of the attacks confused my opponent the next day and I got the villages. Lost them later on though as was too hungover to defend. lol


I was attacking luca from Ikea on Saturday! :lol:


Not from w4, but thought i'd put my two cents in as its a good idea for a thread. lol When i was under major attack and my internet was acting up and had no money for an internet cafe, I used to take my laptop to a public bench that was near a cafe with free wifi :D sometimes at god know what hour of the night lol.


Middle of an Exam :lol: was about 2-3 years ago now lol