much enemy kill and with funtimes!


Greetings from Cold!

* Do you like Tribal Wars?
* Do you like having fun?

If you answered "Yes!" to either of these questions, then Cold is the tribe for you!

We are ranked 9th in the world and have been ranked even higher in the past! We are the strongest tribe in K25 and K36!

We have alliances with over 20 tribes from all over the world, and have never lost a war!

We have an excellent "Tips" forum! There's a lot more to this game than knowing that spears are for defending and swords are for attacking - do you know how to snipe your enemy's stack? Our "Tips" forum will show you!

We are looking for fun and cool players of either sex but especially female over 100,000 points! Mail onetruth in-game!

Players under 100,000 points should mail Baldrix in-game and ask to join our academy tribe! It might help if you can get some other players to mail references to her at the same time!