Nearing the end now


Dear all,

I would like to say congratulations to all of you that are here at the end, own original account or not, winning or finally succumbing, for all you have achieved and for playing the game in such a friendly manner.

For me the end was seen coming when W1N joined with CHE and although there was talk of a fight back to the core by the combined strength of the rim players, the failure to do it lost the world. There have been some political moves but nothing like the skullduggery I have seen on other worlds and this for me made it much better than other worlds. Although for a variety of reasons I decided to actually slow down and then completely bow out a while ago I have to say I have met a lot of hugely generous, hilariously witty and incredibly determined and stubborn people along the way, in and out of W1N.

You know who you are and I thank you for your friendship. I sincerely hope you all now get a life and put as much effort into your lives as you have on here. If you do you will certainly eventually take over the RL too.


Well me ol fruit, you are a character sorely missed. Nice to see you're still around xx


Nice post Hannibal

although long since been off the original Guido a/c , giving it to one of my boys and onto the Steg A/C , Hannibal was one of many foes who i have played against and with , this game has brought me some strange alliances and friendships from all over the world Portugal, serbia , Malaysia , USA the list goes on..... I know far to much about alot of you and not enough about some , but all in all since the day i took the plunge anb started this game a million years ago (to play with my boys (who all sodded it has been the most enjoyable game ive ever been involved in....

played a few worlds and few servers but none have had the banter , laughs , comradship and general good ying/yang of w1

although it would be nice to have my life back , hope it dont end to soon , coz am gna sorely miss it and alot of you