Greetings everyone!...))

Since the .net server became too small to hold all of us, we have decided it is time to colonize new lands.

Rank Name Tribe Points Villages
1 Adrian D .NET 8.024 1
Rank Name Defeated
1 Adrian D 96.848

Our members will drop by rarely, but will always leave with the final reward.

As for today - .NET has encountered a good player and a decent person - TropeZ. Seems like the beginning of a wonderful friendship

We have also encountered less skilled players like Cammy (18K ODA) and Rank 1 (8K ODA) who did not manage to get a great OD result, but I am willing to give them a helping hand and teach them how to play the game.

Cheers and see you in about a week, if you're interested in joining the tribe, mail me or contact me on skype :)

* Note: The tribe will be considered to be genuine only if it is created by players from the list below:

1. Adrian D