News of the World


+1 Rep - like what you have done there :)

First time I have done a post like this, so if you don't like it don't start moaning or I will unleash my spear nukes :icon_twisted:

Yes I think Alo will take the rest of the world with ease, just a matter of time, if players keep hitting delete like recently then this world could be over very soon.

Alo don't have any lessons they need to learn, however we do have a few members...

John (Ruffus) needs to learn to build Defense without Gavs help.
John (MonsiuerMark) needs to learn how not to be a pointwhore.
Mark (MarkieB) needs to learn to stop getting banned from the forum.

A few more aswell, might add them later.

I would say Joke have more than lived up to there name - hoping to see the remaining members give a fight back but the tribe seems pretty inactive, shame as I for one was looking forward to a good war with them. Not much more I can add really :icon_sad:

So United as they are now called - have been warring the barbs and struggling with them for a while now but recently look like they have them under control, be interesting to see how that turns out :icon_neutral:

The only hope for them is that Gav and Toby put there master plan together and join them then take on the world :icon_wink:

Will do rest of tribes when I have a bit more free time.