Nom Nom's gonna nom you?

Dear brothers and sisters of tw,

Why has this comm landed on my intray?

03/04/2013 23:18:03] ..... (Gixxer): So Nub, what do you want
[03/04/2013 23:18:15] ..... (Gixxer): I've told you before, I'm prepared to offer you pictures of my co, in return for villages.
[03/04/2013 23:18:53] ******: I can put that forward to the council, but i'm going to need a rating out of 10 for her, lol.
[03/04/2013 23:21:26] ..... (Gixxer): She's my co, its much higher than 10, i only have the best.
[03/04/2013 23:22:57] ******: i would like if possible for us to come to some arrangement regarding your progress in K55
[03/04/2013 23:25:42] ..... (Gixxer): don't try and restrain me, I'll do what I want and where I want. As I said in game, I don't really care what you do with B.B, they are on their own, but don't think you can order me around.
[03/04/2013 23:26:27] ******: nice way to treat your family
[03/04/2013 23:27:56] ..... (Gixxer): WE'RE NOT A FAMILY!
[03/04/2013 23:27:59] ..... (Gixxer): Your pushing your luck here.
[03/04/2013 23:28:33] ******: It's you're actually, as in "you are"!

[03/04/2013 23:28:57] ..... (Gixxer): Shut up nub.
[03/04/2013 23:29:31] ..... (Gixxer): Lets make this nice and easy shall we, you just do what I say, and I'll do what I want.
[03/04/2013 23:29:56] ******: Ha, in your dreams
03/04/2013 23:30:41] ..... (Gixxer): I have the WGM nubs wrapped round my little finger, will war you whenever I say, so you better watch your step.
[03/04/2013 23:31:17] ..... (Gixxer): My "friends" tell me everything anyway, so I'll know what your up to.
[03/04/2013 23:33:31] ******: Again it's "you are"! But you are very arrogant and cocky, so we should end this now, I was hoping we could reach an agreement but obviously not.
[03/04/2013 23:36:18] ..... (Gixxer): do what you want with B.B, I will start nobling them eventually anyway. That's if I don't get bored and quit.
[03/04/2013 23:36:33] ..... (Gixxer): this tribe will fall apart when I leave.
[03/04/2013 23:36:51] ..... (Gixxer): They rely on me for everything, but thats ok, because i'm the best.
[03/04/2013 23:37:04] ******: If you say so.
[03/04/2013 23:37:43] ..... (Gixxer): I do, and so do a lot of people. You see to have a problem with me, why is this? Is it because I know everything?
[03/04/2013 23:41:02] ..... (Gixxer): Hello..

yes, it happens that a player screws his tribe , seen it before , but never with such penache and cockyness.
I don’t know if this comm is true or not . Its just so hard to verify in todays worlds . But if its true then clearly it would be ethical for a right of reply from the gentleman concerned . If its false , then also let it be rebutted .
Its been brought to the externals so it can be clarified properly .
Gixx, the ball is in your court . Go on, please deny it and show tw that you have a backbone and play the game fair and straight .


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Nice attempt at propaganda however so obviously not Gixxer. Whilst I'm aware he frequently offers pictures of me for free villages you got the rest completely wrong.

I recognise your name Sir Pangolin, I had to go back into the depths of UK10 to work out where from:

027, from GiXxer wiv Luv X (499|524) K54 4,399 sir pangolin [H D] GIXXER [W.A.R] 2011-11-15 23:59:01
007, from GiXxer wiv Luv X (498|524) K54 6,439 sir pangolin [H D] GIXXER [W.A.R] 2011-11-12 07:01:20

Oh yeah we nobled you :) Still bitter after all this time?


UK10 Winner
I wouldnt go as far as a nice attempt Clara lol, im surprised at myself, that this thread even warrants a post from me. Obviously a fake made up convo, and im insulted at the way im portrayed, as anyone on skype knows that the above is not my manner at all.

Yup, still sore Clara after we ripped HD apart on uk 10 lol.
im insulted at the way im portrayed, as anyone on skype knows that the above is not my manner at all.
yeah you got that right your much worse

i would post some of the stuff youve said on skype but it would lead to me getting banned. in what was an unprovoked attack on me and my tribe members when we had done nothing wrong and were trying to reason with you.


UK10 Winner
Waffle waffle waffle. I lol at you guys

Firstly, i wouldnt lower myself to add you on skype, secondly, I 'could' post fake convos too.

Unprovoked? Its a war game man, do i need a reason to attack a lone dot? If you cant handle 1 incoming and 1 loss from me, then you need to play a differiant game, because if i am provoked, it will run into the 1000's for weeks, and will turn into dozens of losses.
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Clearly you dont know who i am. And no thankfully you didnt add me on skype, nor did i add you, however i was in a conversation with you.

As for lone dot, admittedly not as much as you but far from that. As for the empty threat of thousands for weeks. Again that didnt come and the attacks i have had off you have been killed. Bye im off out, to a thing called a pub which if you had a social life youd know about


UK10 Winner
I know who you are, your not important. Sir Pags fake convo above was made with a few words i wrote in an IG mail, not skype. And as you stated, iv not accepted you on skype, so how could you post anything iv said on there? More editted copies and pastes? Yup, more lies and failed PnP.

Social life? :D A renamed Hoops villa, maybe you sat him then, and your crap
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From what ive seen with Gix (playing with and against), he wouldnt say things like this. Yes he can be difficult to have in your tribe, and can, perhaps, be dis-loyal. He does this to make worlds more interesting, and on a UK world this has to be applauded.

From what ive heard and in my own opinion, he would be very loyal to a tribe he formed/runs. I think this a highly unfair representation of him and Clara. They are both great players and top people.



UK10 Winner
Hey blue, thank you for your kind words.

I have to disagree with "perhaps, be dis-loyal'" tho. I have always been loyal to any tribe iv been apart of, unless there was a major issue with leadership, where i would then leave.

Uk 14 tribes iv been a part of;

Old tribe New tribe Date/Time Points
None T-U-S 27th November 2012 - 10:16:47 1,017
T-U-S None 18th December 2012 - 01:22:31 20,531
None Inc. 18th December 2012 - 02:17:08 20,531
Inc. (BB) 04th February 2013 - 23:14:09 292,264

I left T-U-S as it had a failed leadership and no direction

I left Inc., as i disagreed about their policy of recruiting every high point player on the world, then recruiting players around me.

I founded (BB), Duke, and have grown considerablely as a result of not being walled in like i was with the previous tribes, that only recruited point players. While i mostly do my best as Duke, i am far from perfect and do throw my bottle at times, but one thing is for sure im loyal. Iv recruited and try helping all the new comers to the game, so they all can enjoy it, other then recruiting to meet the win condition like Dptd are doing, a repeat of Uk12, thus ruining the world for everyone.
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Perhaps i phrased it wrong.

However, (please correct me if wrong) i dont think Inc. recruited many players around you. A couple like Superhoops and Karack joined before you. I do remember turning down members due to their proximity to you. And i thought your main reason of leaving was due to a player dismissal?



UK10 Winner
It was a collection of things blue. Im a fair player in the game, and voiced my concerns many times in Inc. It was peterdgreat1s spontaneous, unfair dismissal, followed by accusations that he was a spy that ultimately led me to leave Inc.


UK10 Winner
Yup, the comments were made as an excuse to me after i left. I chose to be loyal to a friend of years, then believe leadership i had been acquainted with for 8 weeks. Yes i know a lot of players were disheartened that i left, indeed many who i was friends with now talk bad of me. I requested the invite for Pete to join Inc. first day. I was loyal to him, insulted by Inc., plain and simple. I will also say, that 50% of Inc. wanted to leave and join me, but i declined this action as its not my way. Even after leaving, respect and loyalty was still shown to Inc., something which has not been granted to me as of late from some of the same players now in Dptd.
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I always respect people's reasons for leaving tribes. I knew people wanted to leave, and i worked out that you said no, for that i respect you more!

Let's not de-rail this thread much more, event though it kinda deserves to be.....

and there was i thinking Gixx was taking the 5th amendment :p
But here we have it now, Gixx says that the comm is a forgery and he wouldnt behave like that .
We shall see how things pan out .

Oh Clara, you so thorough checking me out back to w10. Must have taken you 10 mins only. But dont make assumptions on my motivations . Am not bitter about w10. You win some and you loose some worlds . Fun is fun


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Gix said your posted skype convo is faked by you, and your PnP deceitful and crap. I will behave in a manner which is best for my tribes survival, thus to remove players like you, deceit never wins out.

Dont make assumptions? What are you motivations for posting fake convos that include me?

You win some, you lose some? iv yet to see you survive any world, mainly because of your deceitful ways. If lies is fun, then enjoy your time alone in hell (devil)
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looks like i struck a nerve here . ooooooops

first of all , i didnt make this convo up. I said it landed on my intray.
next i look forward to you serving your revenge cold or whatever bollox you go by .
third, tis not my problem if you make clara sore when you do your thing. Thats between you 2.

Gixx , dear fellow, you seem to be getting a bit stressed and hot under the collar . calm down . You are far too used to being a bully and throwing your weight around as if it means something to others .


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What? lol

Yes, you have so hit a nerve. not. If its in your intray, forward it. proove to me and every other person following this thread, you didnt fake the above message yourself...

My revenge has been served ages ago, and it wasnt for little things like failed PnP.

Clara sore? lol. Im sure anyone who reads my playful replies knows not to take it serious. Actually, i have the original mail still where that one line is quoted by you. The rest is fabricated nonsense, a very nub attempt at a fishing PnP, aimed at discrediting me and an attempt to have my allies and tribe question who i am. They know me very well im pleased to say, and you dont. Or know of anything i do, except for rumors created by, well, perhaps by me ;)
i dont have to prove anything . I asked a question, you answered it . I even said i suspected it of being a forgery . But invited you to clarify.
I didnt even ask for proof from you . But in the spirit of being reasonable , i will show you mine if you show me yours ? we shall inspect each others skypes and mails , hey ? seems fair enough to me :icon_cool:
I am sure that an upstanding lad like you has nothing to hide and plays the game with honour and respect :icon_razz:

So when can i have access to your comms ? hopefully before you delete anything too contravertial

....gixx your reputation precedes you, unfortunately. You are known in the community for being disloyal, volatile and ego driven. You are a nightmare for tribes that you fight and also tribes that have you as a member. You are well versed in blackmail, bullying and manipulations to suit your circumstance .

"because if i am provoked, it will run into the 1000's for weeks, and will turn into dozens of losses. "

Your time on w14 is coming to a conclusion. Its best if you just pass on your villas and pick a new world. You and your methods are not wanted here . The word is REDUNDANT I have seen some of the bullying comms you have sent to other players . Your idea of fun is to make others miserable .


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Posted by Jaigosian 03.11.10, 13:40
A player whos got maybe i think had has the MOST incomings on UK2 at any one time - over 10,000 (ten thousand) incomings at the same time.

Who is responsible for sending those in just 36 hrs i wonder? I heard hes being doing it since before the start of the .Co server when provoked. Poke the GIXXER, he likes it.

Disloyal i am not. If a tribe i was a member of plotted against me, then sure, i would rip them a new behind. I did so to DOGs on Uk10, they fell within 2 weeks as your probably aware, as HD have been DOGs close ally since UK2. Hence why i then took out HD there immediately after :)

Yes i have a reputation. Yes i am well known to the community. I would like to think tho, that the long term players on the .Co server, can differentiate between the GIXXER personna, and the real person behind the mask. For many, many years, all iv been called, read, and heard about is how ego driven and volatile GIXXER is, but iv yet to read on here, that the GIXXER persona is a good player or leader. If your the enemy, which i have many, many of, as iv rimmed you and half of the players here in my time, then its expected a hated reputation would evolve. You state blackmail, bullying, manipulation, thats all common place on TW, its the nature of the game, indeed your manipulating in this thread and being deceitful, direspectful. Its unfortunate for me that it is largely unknown i am also a very helpful, friendly player, who goes out of his way to help new comers to TW, even answers all mails daily in a friendly manner, including those who abuse the IG mailing system to insult me. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on me, either way i'll always be marmite, people love me or love to hate me.

Your time on w14 is coming to a conclusion

Thats nice. Never been rimmed on .co, let alone mid game :)
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