Noob Wars


[TH]Although on the rim, still fun for me to post things like this.[/TH]

Karikefer Jan 04,2014 01:31
Actually i have 400 population space for my farm, plus a defensive pally weapon and millitia :)

Bal0ns Jan 04,2014 01:33
thanks for the info.

Karikefer Jan 04,2014 01:33
No problem, you couldn't take me either with what you have and support.

Bal0ns Jan 04,2014 01:36
time will tell.

Bal0ns Jan 04,2014 03:51
Maybe your tribemate can help? oh wait..his farm is level 4 & has barely any troops & a level 1 wall..

Karikefer Jan 04,2014 03:53
Oh maybe our friends from our old tribe can help, you know the 5th biggest one in the world?

Bal0ns Jan 04,2014 03:55
lmao yeah HOURS away..

Karikefer Jan 04,2014 03:57
Might be hours away but pretty sure a nuke is still going to take you out if you become a problem :)

Karikefer Jan 04,2014 04:06
They would most likely waste a nuke on you because they owe me a lot, considering i lead them for quite a while.
[TH]So I go to the leader of the tribe where he tells me:[/TH]

Bal0ns Jan 04,2014 06:42
Hey mate,

Was wondering if your prior leader was karikefer?

Having some trouble with him down on the rim.


Cookiecube Jan 04,2014 12:57
He was a council member but ran like a coward so got rimmed by an ally. :)
[TH]So I continued sending scouts attacks his way.[/TH]
1st Attack

Second Attack

Third Attack

Fourth Attack

Fifth Attack

[TH]After about the fifth attack, I realized he already had no troops. He must have been a great member to .:TD:. for their own allies to rim him! & their leader to be proud of it!

This player also went on to say he only spent very very little of the 9k PP he has earned so far from this world. But even if that is true, it all went to his point-whoring abilities, and NOT his troops.

So now my tribe will be eating him happily.

The End.[/TH]
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Guess we'll find out sonny jim.


EDIT: NOOB WARS, Where it's possible to still have less then 1k hauls after nearly 3 weeks lol
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Guess we found out, when they attacked i took out more then 4x the troops they managed to kill.


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Guess we'll find out sonny jim.


EDIT: NOOB WARS, Where it's possible to still have less then 1k hauls after nearly 3 weeks lol
NOOB WARS, where I farm more resources per day than you have in 39 days.

Maybe you should leave snide comments alone when your own account is utter trash.

You also didn't kill much of anything.

You have a measly 4,336 ODD.



You didn't kill much mate. You are bragging about playing on the rim? Players in a core K farm 100x more than you a day. I dont farm like a mad man because I simply don't want to take the time. I am playing at my own pace, for fun, not trying to stay in top 20.

Please post some reports where you took out 4x the troops that we managed to kill. Another report the tribe has is of your farm being downgraded to level 6...During NIGHT BONUS may I add. So that's why you took out the troops you did.

You were cleared during NB my friend....

Would love to see some reports Karikefer ^^
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This is kinda annoying, Well he is new to this game ok and? If he earned 9k premium he was the smart one at the end.


He is not new to the game & was bragging that he was so much better than I.

& yes, that is great if he earned 9k premium. But my point (no pun intended) being was that he was point-whoring.

Karikefer Jan 04,2014 04:46
Ah you upgraded it since my last scout?

I've been playing this game a long time also :)

I'd be on my toes if i took you as an actual threat :)

Bal0ns Jan 04,2014 05:37
What other worlds have you played mate?

Karikefer Jan 04,2014 05:39
worlds 8 and 24 and 49 on .net in addition to 15 through t'ill 18 on .uk

Mostly only took world 15 seriously on .uk and left that one a long time ago.


Maybe the top players should post some reports of their own 'noob wars' (this is uk, 99.9% of players are noob) as they would be a lot more interesting.


Go on, make a list of all the players who aren't noob.
It won't be particularly long.


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never mind players who arnt noob.

the rank 3/4/9 all have rank 1's on .net to thier name.

both nauz and matt would feature in most peoples list of best players to play tw across all servers.

i will accept the comment most people who play tw are noob, hell thats true thiers more 36 pointers than actual players for a start, but when consistent rank toppers play both servers i find your singling out a little dumb if am honest.


Most consistent rank toppers only play .net and most .uk players are just the same people with little to no grasp of the basics of the game who join every uk server only to get rimmed each time by someone slightly better (or huggle their way into a rank one tribe and merge to victory). It's depressing :/

I can only speak from experience and in mine barely one in twenty players have even the first clue of how to go about sniping. And I'm talking about the 'actives' here (ie noble targets).


Ok, can we end the .uk bashing here? This is the UK server, show a little respect.


The way I see it, is that UK server is like a small town. It's a tight knit community in the forums as well. If you are very knit-picky, then yes we are all noobs.

If we weren't all noobs then there would only be one strategy & the game would be rather dull.

But seeing how we are all noobs in different ways is just like the real world as we all have different skills we are good & bad at. This is why TW is so addictive.

& having a forum community like the players here I think is something we should be grateful for. When someone posts we know who that person is in game, their experience etc. & I think that's pretty awesome.

Of course these are all opinions, but all in all this is a game & was built to have fun & the constant bashing of this server is very redundant & annoying. The answer to your problems is quite simple, play another server or do not play at all.