Nos morituri te salutant!


Pretty self explanatory for students of latin or ancient rome :p

for those less equipped, it means in this case, "we in help be going, salute :D"

alas sadly the time has come for us to depart.

After the xmas booze had worn off we did a little tot up of remaining players.

considering many accounts where already perma sit, WW off with health, Martin sadly throwing in the towel and joby and max having rl commitments coming january, amongst others.

so after taking a realistic look at the situation, and brave as our remaining fighters are the vast majority of the tribe felt it better to bow out gracefully, thier was a strong feeling of we were never beat whilst we were here, so it felt more proper to not grant any sort of gains upon so many people leaving.

so it was decided some time into new year to say our farewells and concede.

i have a vast amount of threads to be toyin with xprd and why i think this isnt really a victory for them, but ill leave all slander out of this one n merely leave it as a place for people to happily say thier goodbuys in peace, i hope xprd respect that n leave slander/berating to other threads.

For me comes the end of a wierd little journey, in all honesty the moves ive made this world i shouldnt of survived the k wars let alone be here till the end.
my w13 started after a longish break from tw, came back with relatively few forum contacts, brand new name to avoid old ghosts of w1, n popped up in the north west.
Joined a good lil local tribe who took up underdog position to the owners of the k, met a few peeps thier including couple of decent peeps from w1n, and person i deem to be the best on w13.

sadly though this tribe dissipated and joined the 2 core tribes we were at altercation with, me being me a very anti ship jumping sort of guy remained in the tribe till everyone else had a home, n proceeded to join a random rim tribe with the logic that whilst its probably a bad choice, at least i maintain integrity.

said rim tribe was called mask, a lil unspoken tribe on the rim, quickly i ended up in leadership and upon resilience to be rimmed by the core tribes became duke, mask success was well documented, very much down to some solid players n my direction, controversially i guess, but i am firm believer that mask at its peak had no equal, im sure many disagree, but coming from the rim to bossing the war stats, all via the hard way if you like, i was pretty confident in its ability.

it was also alot of fun, had a lot of funny characters, whom later we added to via joining help.
stats never looked amazing from this end, help had had a tough old time to get to where it was, but despite this it was still very pleasant, i did have a low point at this time but hung on with support.
From thier war progressed, very much spending most of our time finding drivers, sitting round the clock, n workin as a good lil unit to try take minimal damage, in some cases we lost, but we did have class act moments aswell.
following this we had a little up period, the closing of w14 breathed some new life into the tribe, and we found ourselves with yes still accounts empty, but had gone unnoticed and stats were looking up, often we were going toe to toe despite our size, alas rl always catches up and with alot of people slowly dropping off, and then the xmas/new year seeing yet another 4 of our top 6 players all leaving in unison it was decided the remaining people did not have the time or will to all acc sit these massive acc's and try to push on.

so we are where we are, has been at times a little stressful but at other times been hysterical, i feel w13 has blown away mi cobwebs so am well oiled and ready to go, so for all the haters, prey am not in vicinity in future :p

in closing would just like to give a few people goodbuys and thanks.

obviously i thank all of mask/help for puttin up with me, did mi best and sorry if anyone feels let down.

would like to specially av a big shout out to mi fan club, or group chat by other names :D, spent more time thier than i do ingame and hope it remains noisy as ever, testament if you like to such a good set of ppl.

thiers also dave, sweetest guy on the planet, has been thier from the beginning and i doubt ill ever meet a more pleasant more willing guy.

also like to thank mi bro/co, a fantastic little player they have become, and a absolute legend at doing extra shifts around mi drinkin habbits, will deffo get ya recruited on next world we wanna pummel.

and last but deffo not least to mi Chloe, would have long since left if not for you, i compartmentalize tw in a sense, but i feel you have crossed the line and become a real friend as apposed to just someone i game with, much love and so happy i bumped into you, n i guess same as anyone remotely close to me, "thanks for putting up with d1" :D

So yea has been a laugh n not ashamed on w13 one bit, onwards n upwards

for anyone i haven't spammed mi skype at, or any help/mask peeps that want to be banged in our ever lastin group chat "tehjewlgnd" is mi skype, cya their.

d1 over n out *fake tears*


It was inevitable mate no matter what people say the world was coming to an end, but i will say it was good while it lasted, will also admit there was a few good players in help 1 of who is a little S**t at sniping (you know who you are)lol,

but still good gameplay in the end To all help hopefull will see you on furture worlds



Good read, also good to see a lack of bitchiness. Has been good playing against you lot, even if joby is a little girl in disguise.


Well this looks like the world will end soon now so that's me getting easy flags out of the window, Big shout out to all the players on both sides i have spoken to has been a blast reading the externals and talking to a few in game.

PS please god do not rim me i want to finish at least 1 uk world lol



Joined this world late last summer as a complete spur of the moment thing after taking a long break from tw... Took me a long time to decide whether I'd made a good decision or not, but it became apparent I had as the world developed and I met people. :)

Big shout out to everyone in XpRd for the challenge, I enjoyed it. :) and an even bigger shout out to all the guys in HELP!, you must admit XpRd that it's pretty amazing that some of the people in HELP! carried on fighting as long as they did!

As D1 mentioned, Joby and I quit for RL reasons, my one being I'm off travelling very soon! :D will hopefully see some of you on other worlds should I continue playing once I'm back. :)

Signing out!


I must say though, it's not surprising that you guys are deleting. This isn't an insult to you at all. But when a tribe are double your size and they have to PP against attacks from smaller players, you didn't have much hope.

Anyway, hope you all luck in the future :)
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Well done Help! You have been a tough cookie. D1 you have done well, even though we have disagreed, I have never disliked. Shall miss you along with Chloe. Good luck to you all in your real lives. I will be having a break from TW very soon, maybe one day I may try again, but I doubt I will ever play as intense ever again. It has been a honour swapping axes with you all.


Andy and Mark
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Congratulations to all in XpRd, you have asserted your dominance and pushed our mental capacities too far hehe.

Right now, I don't want to express my bitter opinions as I had to say goodbye to my baby :'( But it's true, you *Naughty words* hit me on an exam date and the grades could have really suffered, now I have finals coming up no way could Maxine and I have run the show much longer. So to all in XpRd: your teamwork for one, has been fantastic. You have won this is a team. I will say though, I dissaprove of all the nobling of my villages. :lol:Last time it took 1k+ nukes to take 3 (Which I took back 2 in the end) and now they're going as free as Dan's mum :( (Sorry Dan, #StepTooFar?)

Slagging will come later ;D.

But for now, W13 has been a laugh and I have enjoyed playing with/against you all! May I come back to haunt you one day!


My mother is not free. Just point it out to you all. Fred, get back in you're cage, before I put you there.


Wow, Fred had so little argument that he had to agree that someone else's argument was good. You pro, you!

On a side of that, at least I'm not cheap maxine, we all know how you have been getting premium lately, and I must say, the mods and joby really do approve of your services. Spot on :p


Dan's just a lil upset about his mum.

He agrees deep down - 985 You Can Touch My Mum (438|426) K44.


I would also like to say its been a good world and a great tribe to be in (HELP) but also a great tribe to be against (XPRD). Im just sorry I started the world late and that I had a few good lot of attacks on me, which made it hard for me.

Good luck to everyone from HELP and XPRD and hopefully in the future we can all meet again.


yea lol ya had a tough old time with hawk n co, that said you n hb basicaly all on your own down south and did some good lil counter strikes, the thing that made help fall was the lack of members per accounts, but the the thing that made help so successful and good tribe to be in was the members we did have. except joby he was just plain bad :p