Not that anyone cares...


Decided to come back after a long 6 month, 2,185.9 mile journey on foot.

As of now I am just messing around with start-up. Trying to wrap my head around trading resources for PP, and what secrets are. Love reading these forums just to see that not much has changed. Meechan is still doin' his thang, along with nauz & vendetta. Pogue Mahone is kicking arse in his tribal leadership (know its not all him, just the guy to come to mind).

It's hilarious to still see threads about how nauz is "playing unfair" by doing this or that. Not much has changed since I started or since I've been gone. Still the tight-knit, quirky group. Thought it was also funny to read Adellion's last post he made about the new forum mod years ago. Anyone know if he's been making game entrances? Also wondering as to where, Thar is? Admiral Phoenix? Doomdealer666?

Anyways, I'll be here for the next little while. Staying around to play W19 if the settings aren't too blasphemous. If anyone needs a co, or sit, I'll be here.

Great to be back!!! Thanks for sitting in front of your computers for the past several months making sure everything was the same as I left it :lol: