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Nut Hunting Squirrels NHS

Sadly the NHS has not been getting as much media attention as the NHS. By now we had hoped that all players across W50 would have donated at least 10% of their PP use to the NHS. We had also hoped to be welcomed with open arms by the admins for our "stimulating" of the player base. But ow well... I guess we will have to do our own "stimulating" luckily we have Kinky and Horny around to help us with that. So hereby I would like to introduce the Nut Hunting Squirrels.

In a world where Covid-19 runs riot, and everyone is stuck in quarantine. There is one tribe that seeks to save the world. The NHS will bring the vaccines to your villages by means of Warrior Squirrels (Noblemen). These Squirrels have taken over the streets of the UK while everyone has been in lockdown. However, these Squirrels come at a cost. We as leaders of the NHS would kindly ask you to donate 1 nut (1 Pound) per village we cure from Covid-19 to the NHS.

We would also kindly ask the Tribal War admins to donate the PP prize pool for this world to the NHS or even better to match each donation made by the player base. Since most of us use PP to get ahead nowadays it would be nice to see that going to a great cause.

Stay safe and hope everyone is doing well.

The NHS would like to invite any other tribe to participate in this action in their own way.

Bring it on!

“We are all a little nutty” gawjussgeorguss “not all hero’s wear capes” Big-Tone

Rules of the game:

- The previous owner of any NHS village must donate 1 Pound
- For every Barbarian village the NHS caps they will donate 1 Pound
- Admins donate the prize pool for winning W50 to the NHS
- All tribes must applauded the NHS Thursday evenings

Feel free to let us know if we have missed out a rule! and it would be great to know what the admins can do to support our cause!

Looking forward to hearing from other tribes,

Silver - NHS

P.S. feel free to post here if you have any more fun rules we could think of for this world.


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Love this guys, thank you for introducing the tribe to us all.

What you guys are planning to do with donating is a fantastic and worthwhile cause! Not quite sure you'll all be knighted like Captain Sir Tom but real kudos to you all. I hope you take lots of villas for donations - just not ours haha

I've got a couple in my tribe that have been volunteering at the NHS, the guys are really doing a fantastic job saving countless lives while putting themselves in harms way. Hopefully they get the rewards they deserve when this is all over.