I don’t know what happened there. Blobo account had a rough ride with players coming and going and going and going.

When you merged?! What was the connection that kept you in control of TS?! Do you know the players well from past worlds..

Loyalty... we were allies and will remain allies... I saved most of the several times as did Andy... and taking direction from #1 tribe and have their founder join them was a no brainer to heed our advice.

It’s not a dictatorship but people listen to the voice of reason. They went from being 10th tribe to finishing the world 2nd place



Don’t lie to them mate there’s no point now.

The alliance held like it did due to the promise that Andy would send them pictures of his ass 3 times a week if they did as we asked.


Have you not heard? I’m a gender fluid transgender with 2 sets of both genitals. I can be neither straight nor bent

Has anyone got any spare popcorn btw? Mines ran out :(
Pull up a deckchair - l have popcorn, pringles, beer and a Just-eat account. l think it's going to be needed.....


True but we had a strategy and it worked. Never a needless barb munch (well maybe one or 2) as I’m paying for every one now minting at this level...

But it made our southern cluster (andy360 account) incredibly strong and drove right through your ranks...

Everyone moans at everyone for barbs but sometimes it’s tactically sound if not a little wet and boring..
Ha ha ha i amm glad I'm not on that list