De Joey

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Firstly apologies for the bad english, I'm from the Netherlands.
I am the foreign severs still unknown, and so seek some help (through a pramade).

I'll play solo, but am of course running.
I know the game, I've been playing for about 3 years Tribalwars.nl
I will start Tuesday night, it was also important.
I don't know of someone have a suggestion.

From friends on TW.nl, they told co.uk contains a higher level. That's why I watch the world come here.

Thanks for the attention, though, this piece may be arrogant, that was not the intention.

Nice day,



I also in those three years of course not done anything, I am from W13 standard top 20.
W13: Top 40 solo
W18: Top 10
W21: Top 20
W23: grade 1 in early stages, further top 3
Classic: Top 10
W24: Top 5
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