Panic - K35


Hai UK4 players,

I'm the Duke of Panic. I have been playing this game on and off since w8. Heres a quick summery of the worlds I played alone in:

First world. Played there has Boba Bounty (recently restarted on w48). Asked the top tribe in the K to join, they said yes, and that began my journey with noobs. Of course there was a few talented players in the tribe, and after the majority of the tribe got to 4 or 5K a group of players started a 'rebellion'. When I was asked to join, I said no. After a little bit of time, I realized what I noob the leader was, and quickly befriended him, which wasn't hard considering I was pretending to be a girl ^^. About a week later I was given the Duke privs, and dismissed the Duke and his council of misfits (except for one or two which was apart of the rebellion). I gave Duke privileges to the rebellion leaders and took away my privs. The tribe was doing good, we were rank 1 and were conquering 2 of the top 5 in the K. Then inactivity hit our two leaders, one was able to get online for a few hours and give the Duke privs to someone else. The new leader sucked and after a few more weeks the tribe split in two. I decided to play solo and sometime later someone from my old tribe contacted me about co'ing him on w10...

w24 Played until about 800K (gave account away), nothing interesting but co-leading a somewhat successful tribe called TUA and Manic. Played has NBAPro.

w44 Played up until someone out of 3 nobled a bonus village. Seems like everyone else did too. Played has AKA Jack
Panic will have guides, polls, and community discussions. I will put the time forward to help everyone in the tribe. Don't expect to get any tribal privileges straight off, once the tribe is more developed we will hold polls for council members, diplomats, etc.

Requirements to Join:
  • Activity, this includes more than just logging in your village, we want to know you and work with you.
  • Know that troops win wars.
  • Accept to be account sat for check-up in a max of 3 days from joining (will become soon become mandatory).
If your interested in joining Panic then please message me IG or here with the following:
  • Why you want to join.
  • Send links to past worlds, explain why you think Panic will benefit from you.
  • What is your gaming style (offensive/defensive)?