PDQ2 Recruiting in K59

Baroness Pink

If you are in need of a tribe in K59 then look no further.

I have been in various tribes where I have worked my way up to the roles of Baroness & Co-Duchess, whilst in these tribes we reached the top 5 in both K58 & K59. I have now started my own tribe in K59 PDQ2. I am looking for players of all levels to join me.

Please mail me in-game with a brief reason why you think you will be good for PDQ2.

PDQ2 was founded by Baroness Pink on Thursday, 15 July 2010.
If you have questions please contact Baroness Pink.

"Hail fellow tribelanders - We are the
P!nk Dust Questers and We are Mighty!

Founded by a Baroness of fabled beauty and great standing, a love of pink and tales of men with long moustaches and bulging muscles we strive to rule fairly and completely.

If you are sound of mind, strong of heart and also fond of P!nk in its many shades then join us.

But if you are "Roman" beware for with the aid of our Mighty P!nk Dust we will smite you."