My axe was in the box by the bed under the bed linen. Binky was retired and happy making little Binkies but then they make a world like this (bar the coins and simple tech but Booky doesn't do perfection see his football club)

So in case any old friends read this I am looking to form a very small tribe not to hit rank 1 (this would require effort) nor with the aim of winning the world (as this requires time) but just to remove the ego from TW, have fun and remind ourselves why we play the game.

So if this sounds like you then send me a message on skype. If it doesn't then am very sorry but remember that this is a game and you will lose.

Oils axe (Mitchnom goes blind)

Maggie Wallis

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Jo, if you pre-reg, send me an invite... or message on here or in-game... re-installing skype requires a level of commitment I've just not got...

I might stay to 300 points, I might not... either way the words sword and nuke need to be re-introduced to this family huggle silly text based game... for an hour or two at least...