Pinch, Rim and Keep


Yes this has been stolen from the World 27 external forum. I thought we need to keep the forum alive and kicking, and this might inspire it.

Below please state a player you would steal from another tribe and reasons why.
A player you would like to rim and why.
And finally a player you would like to keep from your current crop of players, and the reasons why also.

Thanks Jo for a brilliant idea, and good thread on 27. Keep it up....



steal - either sausage95 or the obvious star123

first due to his impressive change of pace in the last week or two and thus od and secondly star because who wouldnt want that experience

rim- ashbigboy to annoy him more after nobling him on previous worlds

keep- probably mixcoatl-camaxtli, guys a good player and leader

enjoying this world already and the forums are gunna make me die from laughter


Steal: Louise84, Need to satisfy HotLikeDat's need for classy women in the tribe.

Rim: HotDaddy6Pack. because I am the hot daddy and am jealous of his 6pack

Keep: Not duck cause he gonna get rimmed. I'd like to keep pulgosas and girlfriend as they use a lot of smiley faces.

Drift Banksy

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Steal: Not really sure but maybe "Standing In The Dark" seems to be the only player who can farm at the same levels as star and
Rim: Lord Vale because he is himself, no more needs to be said.
Keep: Will keep Star123 as they are nice and close to me.


Steal: .uk pro - reason being, he's an aggressive player, farms a lot and has an impressive ODA.
Rim: The Joker. - He's very cocky, and I'd love to have him eat his words
Keep: Singularity - Fantastic player, always looking to help others!


Rim: Lord Vale, people should already understand why by now :p
Steal: Soulofvega - berto is a fantastic player, brilliant attacker and be a good asset to any tribe.
Keep: Star123 - great banter, great people on the account. Top farmers, top players just amazing :p