Having just spent a wee while compiling data for rating top 10 i noticed how many wars there are going on with no pnp for them on the external forum.
When i started on UK1 the PnP was seen as an art form and there was some very good PnP writers, Buisness Time, B+M, Addellion and Blue Hunger all loved their PnP if i remember correct. A decent pnp made a good start on demoralising your target tribe and also kept the forums active and if done well gave a decent laugh as a bonus.

Now though there is very little done on the PnP side of things and wondered if anyone has an opinion on why it has slipped away as a skill and what could be done to revive it?


Excuse my noobishness, I've heard the term "PnP" used hundreds of times, but what does it actually stand for?


I started to do one the other day for the fate war but ended up going off and beating some kittens up instead :D

I may do one tomorrow if I get the time hehe but I did think one was getting done :(


well finish the PnP and keep away from those cute kittens please!

More than happy to see two lots of PnP done on same tribe so we can compare and contrast and am sure Mr. Miles (though shocking response times to service requests) and cook up some decent images for you