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Dear players,

We would like to inform you that on December 16th 2014 the current prices of Premium Points will be modified. This change is based on multiple factors but the most important is an upcoming change in the tax legislation leading us to this alteration.

There will be localized changes applied to the different versions of Tribal Wars. Below is a list of premium packages and their prices for our local version, the British version of Tribal Wars.

- Package 1: 200 premium points for 2.99 GBP;
- Package 2: 560 premium points for 7.49 GBP;
- Package 3: 1400 premium points for 15.49 GBP;
- Package 4: 4300 premium points for 37.99 GBP;
- Package 5: 7800 premium points for 59.99 GBP.

The pricing sms options are also subject to changes on the same date.

The changes are to be effective from December 16th 2014.


The Tribal Wars Team