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Dear Players

In 2020 the Tribal Wars team wants to update the tutorial quests. We think that there is a lot of room for improvement which can help make these quests a better entry point for new players, while also making the quest tree easier to manage (and add to) on our side.

Here are the primary shortcomings we hope to address in our changes:

1. The quests reward players for specific actions, and if players don’t follow them exactly, they can get “stuck” for hours while they wait for more resources

2. The quests don’t adequately explain why the player should be doing what they are doing, so players learn to click through various menus, but aren’t necessarily instructed to properly choose a strategy and survive on a world.

3. Because the quests give out a lot of resources for specific builds, players sometimes feel “forced” into a build order they necessarily wouldn’t want to use otherwise. It makes it so that their early strategy must consider the quest rewards, because not receiving them is disadvantageous.

What will the new system look like?

1. Players will receive resource rewards for any successful build action, up until a threshold.
The goal here is that new players are rewarded for interacting with the build system, but returning players can customize their build orders without being penalized for not following the early quests

2. Quest lines will be untangled and have fewer dependencies on other quests, allowing players to focus on specific concepts one at a time and with more focus

3. Quests will no longer always reward resources or units. Some quests may not have a reward. Others may still offer resources, units, or items, but likely for specific milestones like getting halfway through the quest line or for completing it

4. The overall intent is that players can always perform build actions without needing to wait for long periods of time for “wrong” decisions in the opening hours of the game, while also making quest lines simpler so that they teach specific concepts to new players more effectively.

So, to the questions.

1. In what ways do you agree or disagree with our changes? What do you see as positives and negatives?
2. Why shouldn’t we change the quests at all and instead keep the current system as is?
3. What are our current quests’ biggest weaknesses? Strengths?
4. How would you adjust our plans for the new quest system?
5. How could our quests better introduce players to concepts that will help them be successful in Tribal Wars?
6. Should we slant the quests towards a more defensive play style so that new players have a better chance at surviving?
7. If players are rewarded for constructing buildings, do you think most will focus on boosting the same buildings every time? Which buildings?
8. Do you see openings for abuse with this new system?
9. What type of knowledge and skills cannot be taught via quests?
10. Should the new quests include more advanced tactics like back timing, sniping, and noble trains?

We would appreciate your comments on the above and look forward to seeing them.