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A fun one I saw from W48 thread (shout out to DeletedUser12733, who I think was Visser, for making the thread there).

Just a little discussion to have everyone’s first impressions or experiences with other external users and to try bring some life and fire to the forums again

Post in the following format

Player name
Player rank
ODA rank
ODD rank
Tribe X/10 - comment
OD X/10 - comment
Positioning X/10 - comment
Reputation X/10 - comment
Prospects X/10 - comment

Player name - Bob (Whoever commented last)
Player rank - 11 (wherever they are ranked on w50 at time of writing)
Likes - Very smart, good ODA and have a nice profile pic (write something you like about the player)
Dislikes - They seem to be eating easy food :) (write something you dislike)
ODA rank - 1 (where is the player ranked on ODA)
ODD rank - 36 (where is the player ranked on ODA)
Tribe 4/10 - Bob is clearly carrying his tribe, some unknown names - will give them 4/10 (rate their tribe out of 10 and leave a comment as to why they got that)
OD 8/10 - Good ODA and some ODD (rate their OD out of 10 with a comment as to why)
Positioning 10/10 - Nice cluster and not much threats in the area (rate their position on the map and leave a comment as to why they got that rating)
Reputation 4/10 - bit of an unknown but clearly doing okay (I'm sure you have the picture by now... but for this one you may want to have a look at past performance)
Prospects 9/10 - They are going far (this one can trip people up - how far do you reckon they will go, 10/10 is basically saying they will win the world)

This is for people like me with too much time on their hands . Hope you enjoy happy reading

This is also my first ever forum thread created :D


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Alright, I like this, I'm playing

Player name - HolyTrinity3x
Player rank - 24 (K45: 6)
Likes - Decent caps, around 3k points on all except one barb. A couple well built villas, which should open up the possibility to reshuffle some of the resources. Not used the market 500 times yet, which indicates smart use of PP (or not at all?) in comparison to the others on the rankings. Big plus that you've already sacrificed 1k+ units to the gods by attacking yourself. Pretty high on ODD which would indicate some pressure, but no lost villas so far which I would say is a job well done. Also appears to be leading CSM, which also is a big plus in my book since I defo don't have the commitment to lead a tribe in this game (Sorry Kinky/Horny :( )
Dislikes - Seems to have attempted to create a backline or a safe space with one villa in the middle of the tribe, which me personally don't like. Will get to it later, but that is a very clumped area and a random villa over there with not too much room to grow feels like it could have more use in other players hands. Don't have too much to dislike yet, I guess we will all learn more about each others later on in the game. But I have to say, if you have the time to lead a tribe (as well as being three players co playing, please verify?) you should also have the time to write something on your profile... :eek:
ODA rank - 97
ODD rank - 56
Tribe X/10 - 6/10, Seems like this might be the top tribe that has spent the least amount of PP, which then indicates that they actually knows how to play. Don't know anything about their background (yes, that is my fault as I'm new here), but seems like a decent group. What I can say though is that I do think they are way to clumped together, giving them not very much room to easily grow into. On the other hand, they have a very good chance to be solid defensively, but come on - that is not how we wanna play this game. In addition they are sharing K as well as their western borders with my favorites to win this world, WoW. So will be interesting to see how they handle this, as well as when the war actually will start. In my opinion they should look to moving south east a bit, especially since K55 is free real estate, so slowly moving south could give them plenty potential growth. Just gotta keep a solid border to WoW. With HolyTrinity being at their southern border, he (/she/them/it?) should defo have some good potential growth there. Massive plus too that CSM is one tribe and one only. No families or shit like that there no.
OD X/10 - 5/10, Meh, on one hand pretty low ODA and non-existent ODS, on the other hand it seems like this account has taken most of the tribes' beatin, as it has 67% of the tribes ODD. And yes the ODA is not massive, but the caps are OK so what more can you ask for.
Positioning X/10 - 6/10, like I said, with WoW and the fact that the tribe is very clumped together, it is not great. But this account is at the outscirts (spellcheck pls) so there defo is some room for growth. Again, this one random villa I personally is not a massive fan off, but to each their own. Decent main cluster that should be defendable.
Reputation X/10 - Sorry mate, not spent long enough on UK tw, so can't tell. But seems to be doing alright on w49 and I do appreciate the fact that you are trying to start some discussions on the externals, so I'm sure all in all you're a good guy :)
Prospects X/10 - 4/10, I believe WoW will take this K, so for you it then is all about A) trying to not make that happen or B) if you can't beat them, join them. I hope you pick option A, because that is why we play this game, and if so, best of luck - I will be rooting for ya

Alright that was that, did not plan to write that much but here we are. Sorry if I'm a bit inaccurate, I blame the fact I'm new here, but in all fairness I could have done more research... Oh well, I'm sure I will have some different opinions in a couple of weeks, so let's look back at it then :)


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Okay so as I very much enjoy this thread but seems like no one else is, I guess I'll go again. This time, should some nice fella be wanting to 'rate the above', keep in mind I'm now playing on the very impressive Eriswell account...

Player name - BigHugh
Player rank - N/A
Likes - Ah such a nice guy. Funny as fuck. Could go on and write an entire 10k essay, but that would spoil the surprise of everyone else lucky enough to get to know this amazing guy.
Dislikes - Really nothing to dislike.
ODA rank - 34
ODD rank - 920
Tribe X/10 - 10/10 - NHS really is the place to be.
OD X/10 - 7/10 Decent offense, seems like quite a few players has been lucky enough to get a visit from this gentleman. Low ODD, so obviously handled the politics close to perfect, with no one feeling like they dare to hit the one and only.
Positioning X/10 - 10/10 - with no existing villas, it is hard to get nobled. Controlled the K54/55 borders for a long time.
Reputation X/10 - 10/10 - What else is there to say!?
Prospects X/10 - 10/10 With the (somewhat unconventional) merger to Eriswell account, the prospects looks very good for this young man. Now holding on to the rank 5 spot with significantly lower average points per villa than the rest shows that this account has a play style that is more recognizable with the olden days of Tribal Wars. And change is a good thing generally, but for this game it hasn't been. And it is very clear that the general skill level is way lower than it used to be, so with this account holding on to the times of the past, the future of this account will very likely bring back the nostalgia of what once was a very competitive game.


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Player name - Eriswell
Player rank - 5 and rising, jumped from 13 two days ago and 21 last week, doubling villa count and ODA in the process. However, most of this big jump is down to the merger of the Big Hugh account so not actually as impressive as it looks but neatly and quickly done so props where it's due.
Likes - Active on the externals so clearly committed and seems to write pretty well. Not come across him ig but I'm on the K54 rim so hardly likely yet.
Dislikes: -Probably not as funny as he thinks ;) and rather full of himself, I expect he works in sales if he isn't a student. (not that I dislike either of those groups, just sayin'.
ODA rank - 14
ODD rank - 62
Tribe 8/10 - One of the big 4, owning K54 and better spread than some of the others but need to shore up the border with K44 as BB are already encroaching
OD 7/10 - Doesn't appear to have wasted troops
Positioning 8/10 - Tight clustering and on the front line so needs to be active (I guess you're now co-playing?), a good move to spread out with caps 17, 18 & 18 from RR/RB
Reputation 5/10 - Unproven, either as Big Hugh or Eriswell, neither seems to have been around long enough.
Prospects 7/10 - Talks a good talk, but inexperienced, will you thrive or fold when a real war kicks off? Too early to tell


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I don't know how my behavior could lead you to the conclusion of being a student lol. Which is true tho. Guess the world will hit me in the head sooner rather than later, but I'm enjoying it for as long as it lasts.

Just wanna mention too, has nothing to do with pride, just for accuracy, that whilst our experience on the .uk server is limited, we both have played a bunch before. Eris defo is the most experienced, but I've still managed to win a world on .se as well as a couple on tw2 and Grepolis so pretty versatile player ;)

Anyways, thanks for the review. Since we all (before anyone gets offended, read most of us) are a bunch of sad people thriving on the approval and attention of other random people, I enjoyed the read :)


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Ignore Hugo, he's a noob and them accounts he mentioned are fake :rolleyes: But spot on about us being in sales for me and Hugo a student.

There is more than just Hugo's villas in that point growth. He only had 5 or 15 caps in that timeframe :)