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lord dan win

5/10 - make the background clear.
6/10 - Just too many pictures, I'm sure if you wanted, you could make a really nice siggy, just that one looks rather bad too me =S

P.S. This is my first time making sigs, be nice =(

lord dan win

8/10 - I love the effect it has, can't remember what it's called but to do with science. Something Table. Oh, periodic? Something like that. Anyway, looks good = )
10/10 - I love it = )

P.S. Text says Dan ze Squirrel, I'll make it bigger now as no-one can read it even though I can :?


7/10 classic style

8/10 possible make the text bigger still, or bold text.


a - 5 i see no relevance to it
s - 4 usually banner size looks obscure - also cant see a relevance or theme to the initials HD.... i do like matrix theme with the coding tho, maybe integrate your name in there that would be cool


10/10 DEATHE

10/10 DEATHE RULEZ!!! usually not but hey i make acceptions, looks like it took awhile to make...


A 8/10 but hey I love Achmed.

S 6.5/10 Simple but too the point (The Dark Side looks a little blurry)


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Avvy: 7/10
Sig: 9/10- Simple yet rather effective. If the image on the left hand side was in focus more then it would be better :)

For whoever rates me this is my avvy full size:


A - 6 nice but maybe too much detail its irrelevant if its not avy size...

S - 8 i like it, its different and original


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I probably shouldn't be posting, but meh :p

Yes, i'm back CF <3

Av - 8
sig - 10

umm see the post above the one above for reasons ;P