Rate the Avatar and Signature

Hidden Disaster

Avatar - 7.
Sig - seems a bit out of focus, pixelated... 6. Try bumping up the quality.

lord dan win

Sorry but you don't rate Mitch I don't rate you.
6/10 - Bit blurred and writing isn't to die for.
9/10 - Woo... Cool.


@ Willow: Shame I can't rate your sig :p


Avvy: 4/10- It's a nice pic, but that is all it is
Sig: 6/10- text could be slightly improved, and a little more work could have been done on merging the 3 images together (yes I know you didn't do that :p)

Morning Willow

Avvy: 7/10...nice paint strokes that are random yet give it a "flipping" feel!

Sig: 9/10...I love the way you merged the photos so smoothly and your color variations are all flowing nicely. Great font choice too!


my darling Willow
10/10 for elegance as befitting a woman
2/10 sorry :(

Ignore mine until irev-dark makes me a sig :) so just comment on Morning WQillows


a - 2 = sorry matey would be better if you had a vest on it! lol
s - NA = unless you want me rating disturbance value lol

Jedi Master

av: 6/10 meh
sig: 6/10 Love the darkness > looks like shinigami anime ;)



A - 8 - plain and simple, as an avy should be IMO
S - 9.5 - only thing i can fault is maybe a lil more definition/darker on the text - but brilliant as yours usually are lol

^^^ @ Jedi Master - "looks like shinigami anime" NEVER HEARD OF IT BUT CHEERS! :p

Frank Lucas

Mark cheers, but this time I did not make mine (I dont have the programs) but Radarr did and he is awesome

A - 8/10
S - 9/10 the flow is amazing i love it, bump the quality


frank has been banned - bye frank ;-(
and as the last poster i cant commant on his a/s... i have just uploaded my new siggy here on the externals so feel free to rate this one.

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Avatar: 7/10 - Like the skull, I always like an Avatar that stands out and shows character.
Siggy: 7/10 - Better than your last Sig, I just think it needs something more. Like a centre piece.


avatar - 8/10 borderlands is pretty good :)

sig - 7/10 Looks really good but writings a little faint and there's a fair bit of empty space


i will rate both,

a - 5/10 dont see any relevance or customization on this so ive rated as standard, mainly due to the fact i look for these as a means of people making an effort on these
s - 7/10 as doomdealer said its quiet pale and faint in places... however a good flow and i like the colour scheme

a - 8/10 i see relevance :p , howvever looks like a generic doom crop and paste job... only thing i can critisize is that its not custom in any way (sorry if im wrong)
s - 8.5 again i see relevance to the name and slogan (box ticked), :) also like the strips at the top and bottom, its unique, however your w4 - amoks and pest are IMO a bad choice of font and size.... also would be nice to know how much you customised... all in all tho very nice


radarr how about you rate then and make it even more active...

a - 9 i actually like it for its simplicity
s - na


Meh, I'm one of the only people who still wanders about here... + I'm not allowed a signature :'(


A - 8/10 I like it
S - 3/10 Meh, you can do better + Over used Assassins Creed. :)

Mark: (Just join =FATE= already!)

A - 7/10 Actually think one of the better Avy's around, although LQ image.
S - 1/10 Sorry but it's just not nice. Although the thing on the left is cool.


I'm not allowed a signature :'(
really? how come?
i suppose you could manually add one to the bottom of each post if you feel left out.

I like your avatar. The colours are quite powerful and the font is neither too familiar nor too fancy. Quite futuristic looking, and it stands out well yet is still in keeping with the forum pages. I think I've seen a very similar one elsewhere in these forums. Not sure if its a copy or an alter-ego of yours. Yours looks better anyway because you have chosen a better combination of letters.