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I think its the right time to start this again


Every point out of 5

Points: /5
ODA: /5
ODD: /5
Position: /5
Profile: /5
Tribe: /5
Skill: /5


just copy and paste


points: 4/5 - better than mine but looking at some of the top players, it could be better :)
ODA: 4/5 - i like it, but i have seen you do better :D
ODD 3/5 - untested, but thats not your fault,
Position 2/5 - looks like he will either have to barb munching or having a crack at P.R if he wants to grow. Neither of those options sound appealing right now, but i have a feeling that jamie will start on P.R so that will be fun to watch.
Profile 4/5 - i like the song :)
Tribe 3?5 - i like some of the players in there, would not dream of attacking them unless they attacked me, but the rest of their tribe seam to be easy pickings :(
Skill 4/5 - I know what you are capable off and I know that you will make all the right choices and go far in this world :D

rate Ani Mal


Points 4/5 potential to grow around your current cluster.
ODA 5/5 nice rank for your point size
ODD 2/5 not being tested, no surprise with rock, a small tribe near your cluster.
Position 3/5 can munch on rock, after that where do you go without causi war? P.R? No, surely you can't cause a war.
Profile 3/5 Average, slight humour but average.
Tribe 5/5 I like your tribe. Highlighted it from the first time I saw it. Potential to win the world.
Skill 4/5 Decent player, attacker, farmer... Seen you play before.

Rate Radioactive Soldier


Radioactive Soldier:

Points: 3/5 - Rank 80, I think you could be doing a lot better.

ODA: 3/5 - Can see your villages haven't been free, yet still not much of a fight for 46k.

ODD: -/- (more or less untested)

Position: 2/5 - More or less surrounded by your own tribe, not much expansion potential. Perks of family tribes eh.

Profile: 3/5 - Basic, but I like basic.

Tribe: 1/5 - you're in the academy of the two part family tribe which essentially could be disposable. Not great. (I don't like family tribes anyway)

Skill: 3.5/5 - I know you're a good player, don't think your stats on this world back that up though. Pick it up !

Rate: *GranTorino



Points: 3/5 - Rank 27 right now, thats not too bad, but still there is a huge gap between you and top 5

ODT: 3/5 - Rank 152 in total, not so good. You might have lots of troops though.

Position: 2/5 - In the middle of HORNY's cluster, but you managed to snap a frontline village, might do some good work for you in the future.

Profile: 4/5 - Nice profile, dont like INIB, I dont like him too so thats very good.

Tribe: 5/5 - HORNY, same tribe as me. Im positive suprised this far, and hopefully we will win w25.

Skill: 3/5 - I give you 3/5, I dont know you nor have I seen you fought. Judging from the stats you are mediocre, but I don't know you, so you might be really good or bad..

Rate: Coller


Active Member
Reaction score
Points: 3/5 - Whilst 3rd 40.5405405% of villages have been internals

ODT: 4/5 - 5th for ODA shows the non internals have been worked for or you have helped other members

Position: 3.5/5 - Backline and depending on diplo have good room to grow

Profile: 3/5 - Bit too simple and self proclaimed for my personal preference, do like a good gif

Tribe: 4/5 - Cant mark down for family tribe when thats the only kind of tribe these days, see some good names and so on will be interesting to see who wins the what is most likely to be the end war unless internal problems, but my moneys on P.R ;)

Skill: 3.5/5 - Have no personal experience of you as a player so no offence intended but ODD cant be used as sign of defending skill but seem to be good start up player looking at this world and Classic


Goodwins - not my account



Points: 5/5 - Mostly internals, stellar game plan!!!

ODT: 0/5 - Almost 1 point for 1 OD. Must be racing with a turtle for OD.

Position: 0/5 - Close enough to the front line to make a difference in the war. But surrounded by blue too.

Profile: 0/5 - James, Jimmy and Jamie. Reminds me of the movie me, myself and irien haha.

Tribe: 0/5 - Number one rank tribe, number one in ODA. Slow war with so far, and a family tribe.

Skill: 30/5 - Legend...... wait for it....... Dairy




Points: 3/5 - Whilst 3rd 40.5405405% of villages have been internals

I have only merged with caliven as of right now, Blackeagle etc wasnt internal, it was taken by force, but kicked due to inactivity.

Stats looking grim, cant say no to that. Anyways, i respect and value your ratings, will for sure make tons of effort to show what im capable of.



Points: 5/5 - Was away for a couple of weeks, but managed to pull it back to rank 4,

ODT: 4/5 - Very good ODA, ODD is lacking, but this will likely change

Position: 4/5 - Very safe and secure cluster, support will be easy to garner, expansion will need to be East (not a surprise) or down to the rim :)

Profile: 2/5 - What profile? I like the eye though, that's cool

Tribe: 4/5 - Yet another family tribe! *Ugh* (who am I to talk...) Tribe is nicely positioned against P.R family, however gathering support to the core may be harder, especially if the top and bottom are cut off from each other.

Skill: 4/5 - Played with you before, good player, although expectations went downhill when you sent fakes to land in night bonus.


Rate: *Tor* The Musical


Skill: 4/5 - Played with you before, good player, although expectations went downhill when you sent fakes to land in night bonus.

Intentionally obvious fakes are intentionally obvious!
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*Tor* the musical

points 4/5 very solid and very good but theres free vills been taken.

ODT 5/5 very impressive ODD especially for posistion

posistion 4/5 safe place to be but id of thought you would want to push more for the front line.

profile 3/5 cool looking dude smoking a ciggy on a piano stool is scary lol bit plain but plain is good

tribe 5/5 good tribe perhaps needs better communication but have some good players in. respectable indeed.

Skill 5/5 fantastic farmer especially plunderer. no idea on how good he snipes backtimes strategy etc but i suspect all is good

Master Faster


Points 3[FONT=Verdana, Arial]/5 ranked 25th this would be a lot larger but considering you were hit so hard It was hard for you to grow.

ODT 5/5 You don't leave troops sitting!

Position 4/5 You are nearly all frontline but at the same time you have a nice cluster there. Ideal account to play and have good fun with, Perhaps would be nice to have more backline to support with!

Profile - I don't give a damm about the profile!

Tribe 2/5 In my honest opinion tribes on the uk server have a lot to aspire to! This is my first world on the uk server and in all honesty I was shocked at the difference in standard.

Skill 5/5 You defended very well against the ops that were ran against you, displayed good sniping skills and moved around your support well.

James - Goodwins account.