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Original ODA Addict


Points - 4/10 Really not good enough at this stage :(
ODD - 4/10 can't be helped
ODA - 7/10 - for your size is ok.
REP - 5/10 as your in W1NGE :p
Awards - 4/10 - 0 golds didn't help.
Tribe - 10/10 the almighty lol

34/60 - just above half way, but can do with alot of improvment.

Please Rate Original ODA Addict x

Only player in the top 20 that has yet to noble one of those grey barbarian things!!
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The Mighty Chen...

Points: 8/10 excellent considering you got rimmed early on!
ODD: 4/10 not your fault but still ranked 148th
ODA: 9/10 ranked 10th so shows you get those spear nukes walking
REP: 5/10 rarely posts but being The Mighty Chen we can excuse this as crime fighting takes up heaps of time
Awards: 10/10 anyone forbidden to dance the Cha Cha Cha in public needs no awards to tell of their awesomesauyness
Tribe: 9/10 am biased


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Original ODA Addict

Points: 9/10 once in the to 20 or higher will change
ODD: 6/10 not come under heavy attack yet but that due to tribe and rep
ODA: 10/10 in the top 10 and stats don't lie this guy can attack
REP: 8/10 well as this is my first post but read a lot from him and know of and about him from w8
Awards: 8/10 got some of the best awards to have but not as many as other players two that stand out are continet scorer and death of a hero both in my eyes make the player
Tribe: 10/10 as before there top of the box for now well run organized and apart from my tribe would say one of the best to work with.

51/60 always room to inprove no one is perfect

tempest55 AKA TB505