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Psycho Paul

I know it's early but forum is dead lol! so i'll kick it off :p








For the player who posted above you :)


Points: 8/10 Not bad for a late starter and someone who I know doesnt spend their ressies on points :)

ODA:?/10 Cant be bothered to see if you have hit a spike

ODD:?/10 I imagine you killed that quest spear :lol:

Positioning: 8/10 A few barbs, a few good potenyial farms and maybe even an emerging noble target the right kind of distance away :)

Reputation: 7/10 5 for the account I know you have posted on in these forums before, and 2 for the work already done under this name = 7 :icon_rolleyes:

Tribe: 8/10 Some good players, well led *cough* but maybe could do with less than the literaly 100's of enemies they have accumulated already :icon_twisted:

Total: 31/40


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Points:10/10 Right where you should be

ODA: 9/10 Perhaps you've missed a few inactives?

ODD: 10/10

Positioning:5/10 There will be troops spilled before your area is claimed.

Reputation:2/10 Never seen or heard of you before.

Tribe:1/10 There really isn't a worse tribe to be in at this given time.

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Maggie Wallis

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Point: 9/10 - No reason not to be in the top 20

ODA: 5/10 - really depends how you got that big jump, from clearing 1 village bad, from clearing 10 villages good

ODD: 10/10 - You handled that barb with skill and precision

Positioning: 1/10 - looks like you will be rehabs play thing...

Reputation: 0/10 - nothing needs to be said about this

Tribe: 0/10 - get one.. they are fun...

IGN: ofcourseIstillLoveyou
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Point: 8/10 - started same day as me, should be a little higher

ODA: 10/10 - hit a few spikes, nothing bad or good
ODD: 10/10 - yea clearly competent at fighting a spear.

Positioning: 9/10 - few inactives and barbs. one of my tribe in there tho. Looks like you could be a T.L.H plaything :p

Reputation: 10/10 - good guy and player. makes me laug plus your intelligence is above TW average

Tribe: 0/10 - lonely?


Maggie Wallis

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Liam :icon_redface: i think I have a new mancrush...

My bad.. I'm ofcourseIstillLoveyou's stalker... I dream of the day when no one can tell when I end and ofcourseIstillLoveyou begins... though the restraining order make that tricky...

Plus she keeps threatening to move me closer to the fire...


Points: 7/10 a little low for a first day start..

ODA: 10/10 looks like steady clearing of your area
ODD: 10/10 I heard a mean rumour that there was some panic when the barb attacked but you clearly pulled it together to hand out the thrashing that it deserved

Position: 8/10 looks pretty competitive but I'm sure it's nothing you haven't dealt with before

Reputation: 10/10 my new mancrush...

Tribe: 9/10 I know some of the flicky haired leets are Ruffus haters but I'm defo more of a fanboi... some very very good players imo in the tribe.. if the tribe is allowed to get a foothold... should be one to watch...

IGN: BadgersAtemyJaffaCakes (which may not be my IGN)
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Psycho Paul


Points: 9/10 i know yours and kerrys playing style very well... you troop whores ;)

ODA: 9/10 i know this will be much higher soon enough you two are very aggressive (Y)

ODD: 10/10 damn barbs fighting back now! "hidez"

Positioning: 9/10 2nd largest player in your 15x15 i wonder where the 1st will end up ;)

Reputation: 10/10 i <3 u ^.^

Tribe: 9/10 i admit i'm a fan of Ruffus tribes xD

Total: 56/60

Guess who i am Liam you know me well :D

ign - Psycho Paul
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As you seem to have been missed out.

Points: 7/10 I know your activity is high so pretty sure there is plenty of troops in there.... but still could be doing a bit better as hit stable late.

ODA: 7/10 Know there are a couple of spikes round you so might have killed one.... But if you have cleared a player for a far I havent found it yet ;)

ODD: 10/10 One barb, one of my scouts and another, pretty standard at this stage for most.

Positioning: 5/10 There might be some stick against SHAC but 3 of their best players are near you and your tribe is at war with them ;)

Reputation: 10/10 My IGM with this account has been one of the highlights of W12 so far, and if it actualy is Mancunia (tho I am less than convinced!) then deffinately a ten, you have brought many amusing posts to the uk forums :)

Tribe: 5/10 Part of the "super family" alliance.

Total: 44/60

Psycho Paul next :D
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Psycho Paul

Whoops my bad LOL it's Liam's fault with he's spamming :lol:

Skip me do sgk204 keep things on track i'll rate another later on :D


Points: 9/10
Good growth and i know you are really active too ;)
have seen how much you have hauled in the haul section... i just hope you have enough troops as well :p.

ODA: 10/10
cleared someone eh?

ODD: ?? I don't think this counts at this stage :p

Positioning: 5/10
3 tribe members in 7x7 and some active players...
not looking good atm :p

Reputation: 8/10
Reputable posts and to the point....
not much trolling :p

Tribe: 9/10
Shac Tribe who seem to be having no problem in dominating the classic world...
looking good on paper... High avg. member points means they are on the right strategy...
but on map the tribe seem a bit spread out...
it could be a good thing for more room to expand or a bad thing as tribal support might lack....
Only time will tell how the tribe pans out , but till now looking good :)

total: 41/50

As you seem to have been missed out.
okies Mancunia is merely editing his IGN name pretending to be different folk here....

On topic I have also had an amusing chat with Badger though he is slightly confused as to how hamsters crept into that conversation!!

Maggie Wallis

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okies Mancunia is merely editing his IGN name pretending to be different folk here....

On topic I have also had an amusing chat with Badger though he is slightly confused as to how hamsters crept into that conversation!!
Sorry.. just a silly little game I like to play.. my real IGN is: Daring Dashwood

Apologies for getting everyone confussed and the rating being out of order....

So someone please rate sumit.x365 next...

Four Seasons


Points: 9/10
Good growth topped with activity. Well surely go higher in the weeks to come.

ODA: 6/10
Not to little not to large, Using troops efectively?

ODD: Exempt

Positioning: 7/10
Some activity near to you, Seems a good area for farming purposes/=.

Reputation: 8/10
Had one post i took the wrong way i think, Clean slate me thinks :p

Tribe: 9/10
I like Ruffus, think this tribe will go far, Thumbs up!

total: 39/50


Four Seasons