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Points 9/10 nice steady growth throughout world, few internals but nothing major
ODA 8/10 nice ODA better than mine but obviously room for inprovement
ODD 7/10 handled villages well but hasn't been tested fully yet
TRIBE 9/10 been rank 1 for a while but haven't been tested yet
AREA 8/10 surrounded by Tribemates but also space to grow and some good farms
FORUM 5/10 doesn't post too often that I've seen

Total: 46/60 overall pretty good




Points 8/10 Good points, in top 20 and growing steadily
ODA 8/10 nice ODA just short of the 1 mil mark plus attacker of the day once
ODD 7/10 has defended quite a bit just over 500k odd
TRIBE 9/10 been rank 2 for a while and good growth only 50 days old but 1000 vils strong
AREA 7/10 running out of room for growth
FORUM 5/10 doesn't post too often

Total: 44/60

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Ermmmm soo i was bored so went on a thread revival mission again ;)

both serinous and im2x...... no longer play so a cody request it is, and then business as usual ;)

no one done one on haphaz yet? just passing threw and been nosey...


Points 10/10, deffo the strongest point of this account, i dont know how hap rates to other top growers but on this world, with a near 2 mil gap can't fault her efforts.
Oda 9/10, rank 1 yes, but i feel the oda should have pulled away in correlation to the growth, very impressive oda but could be caught.
Odd 5/10 for an account that size not even close to have been tested, not haps fault though.
Tribe 9/10, Rank 1 tribe by a nice margin nuff said.
Area 7/10 Again not haps fault, but has had to do some serious jumping to get on war fronts, in doing this undoubtedly has the best farming area by a mile, on the down side this account will be not the best shape for fighting wars.
Forum 0/10, 1 post and not on this world :p, silent but deadly it seems....

40/60 I don't think hap could have done much else to present, had to adapt area round tribe, and not their fault people don't test them, be nice if they did come on the forum once in blue moon though, always nice to hear opinions from people who evidently know what their doing.



Oda 9/10, rank 1 yes, but i feel the oda should have pulled away in correlation to the growth, very impressive oda but could be caught.
Area 7/10 Again not haps fault, but has had to do some serious jumping to get on war fronts, in doing this undoubtedly has the best farming area by a mile, on the down side this account will be not the best shape for fighting wars.
How pull away when noone to hit?? come'on D1
If take note she is on the frontline border with TMNT/mask(waiting for you MASK to catch up) hehe like was mentioned early game, XpRd will do there best to have everyone frontline,and no cowards, and to have every member on these rules is srictly harsh,so far we have done....
Thats not me cocky or anything before some prick tries and slates me,its a pure case of teamwork/villa swapping helping eachother ect:
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Almost all of haps less than 10/10 are not her fault cheetah, but i still just rate what i see, i have piss poor oda, but was nuked b firm at their prime which meant not only did i be less off built than i wanted to be, but when fighting a enemy 4x your size any od gained is a bonus lol, that said when whoever comes on n points out my poor oda i do expect a lower than perfect score :p

Reasons as side, hap is what 80% larger than rank 2, but has <10% more oda, add that to being in dominant tribe since the start, imo its a 9 :D



Points 6/10

Currently rank 23 but taking into consideration his activity he should be top 10 easily, If he played as much as he talked he would be rank 1.

ODA 6/10

Rank 25 though not to far out from his ranking what i usually base things on i feel he could do alot better

ODD 8/10

Top 10 and most was gained earlier game when the account was alot smaller, great defending abilities

Tribe 8/10

Great tribe that has faced over whelming odds and comes out on top, a tribe that wasnt going places untill D1mension arrived god help them, now has a bunch of good solid players with a few noobs. Expect good things from them in the future.

Forum 10/10

Most active poster by a clear mile, keeps the forums alive with some good entertaining reads, some well thought out posts and not too much drivvle.


If he played as much as he talked he would be rank 1 for sure, a great player netherless and definately a player i am glad i have come across in game, 1 of my favourates.


ww I have reported that post for excessive man to man love in a public display :p

on a serious note, a very fair rate imo
I'm more of a lets do the fighting than lets prepare, but have been persuaded by the big man that building the account is just as essential as playing it when it matters.

can't take all the credit for masks turn around, whilst I did take up leadership was always in discussion with ww as his opinions are so valuable so think deserves as much credit as I do.

I really wanna rate ww but I shall abuse your famousness and let others be drawn in by your gravity :p


Weekend Warrior ;)

Points - 9/10 - Very impreessive points, considering a very late start. Rank 15, and very likely to push into the top 10 in the coming weeks, plenty of targets, and certainly not interested in sharing them ;

ODA - 9/10 - Top 10 in this, again, done a lot of attacking since joining the world, and i fully expect this account to hit the top 5 at the worst as the account grows.

ODD - 10/10 - Rank 2. Clearly shows and account that has been highly involved in battles, despite there not being many on the world. Tribal support and his own D no doubt have fended off many nukes/nobles by the looks of it.

Tribe - 8/10 - Well run tribe, and one that has grown very well. Have recruited very sensibly, and didnt just take in any old player - recruited well, and gobbled the rest.

Forum - 2/10 - Well it was a surprise to see him post here. Although, i am well aware he watches the forums closely, so would be good to see him post here more. Then again, would be nice to see many more players post here.

Overall -

38/50 - Only forum presence letting you down, which at the end of the day, you aint at all worried about :)
Plus, the fact you have the same rating as D1 will make him a very happy chappy im sure. Could also keep him interested in making more threads :)

Rate - SteamTRAIN



Points 8/10, climbing steadily and isnt a day 1 starter either, still i think in a better area where he is free to expand, he is a top 5 player on this world for sure.

ODA 8/10, very odd to see oda at this level, not bad score but considering size and attitude of this player, should be higher. Have to also consider what he has to work with though.

ODD 5/10 very low ODD, so untested, just 1 vill lost which looks like a cross noble, he's evidently too intimidating for ppl to nuke :p

Tribe 9/10 rank 1 tribe, and been their a while

Forums 7/10 does pop on a bit, and usually either has positive posts or well thought out ones.

Total 37/50, This fella will be a future top scorer, just needs some targets to attack and to be attacked, and imo especially with forum presence, i think in few months steam will have one of if not thee top score.

Rate - d1mension

Corrupted Rage


Points 9/10, After a shacky and slow start D1 has finally taken off, with mostly war targets nobled looking very strong when faced with a fight

ODA 8/10, Good oda for size of account but would be better if location was better suited

ODD 10/10, currently 7th in world for odd and has proven when faced with incommings can hold his own without even breaking wind

Tribe 9/10, Strong tribe and a good leader, himself and cab make for a strong leadership

Forums 10/10, Always funny to log onto externals thinking whats D1 posted today. funny as heck reading some of his threads

Total 46/50, Overall a really nice if sometimes scary guy :p


^^ this fella should talk more often <3


Points 8/10, has had 2 week sat on a beach lol, and been restricted by his former tribe, i fully expect to be over taken by this fella and the longer the world the higher the ranking, deffo gonna be seeing him top 20 n proly top 10 before world is done.

Oda 9/10, higher than his points rank, but not only that he gets points for his workload, we have a dream team of frontline players in mask, but for the sheer effort tom puts him i think he is the one i would least like to face on battle field.

Odd 8/10, nice moderate number for Odd, not his fault enemies are too scared, that said i have no worries about this chaps defending, he's sat for a long time next to fruit twist, a regular nuker who aint a patch on rage.

Tribe 9/10, has to be a favorite now doesn't it?

Forums 8/10, quiet new to posting on w13 but is definitely making considerable contributions that are often well thought out and/or entertaining.

Total 44/50, Considering the very late start this guy is doing exceptional, and definitely a dark horse, woe on anyone who looks at the ranks and thinks this one here is anything but exceptional.



Points 8/10, although he has good points the fact that he is always talking on the forums :p shows he is active and should be doing better in my opinion. but other things could of stopped him growing

Oda 7/10, compared to his odd thought this would of been bigger .but for his points i would say good

Odd 9/10, nice number for Odd, top 10 with his rank and point size this is very impressive

Tribe 8/10, only know 3 players who i talk to so can not really comment but rank 2 nicely with 4 spaces free. moving up in the world but can they make it rank 1

Forums 10/10, never shuts up lol dont know if this is good or bad just know that he is never aloud in a library

Total 42/50, overall good areas could be improved but still good plays

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Corrupted Rage


Points 9/10, Considering his start date 2012 was what could be seen as a slow growth rate for robbie, that said robbie has come into 2013 with a much bigger growth rate and shows no signs of slowing down

Oda 6/10, would be a 7 but considering size and location i feel the oda does not match his points

Odd 4/10,
Would be higher again but based on the low odd again to point size i would say its poor, however it could just be that people are to scared to attack Robbie

Tribe 9/10,
Been Top rank for what would seem forever, nice lead but communication and leadership showing all the right signs.

Forums 8/10, i have scored an 8 based on the IMX2 flaming :p that was just funny to read daily

Total 36/50, not a bad score and can be read in two ways, 1) an okay player but good leader or 2) Just waiting for the time to shine