Rate the Player Above


The Duke 999

Rank - 4/10 - Rank 52, most of the villages nobled are barbs (19 barbs/31)

ODA - 6/10. Rank 96 ODA...not a bad start...you can always tell ur friends u r in the top 100 ODA :D

Profile - 1/10. just showing achievements...I think a nice picture will go far.

Tribe - 5/10. well your tribe is in the top 5 but I Marked you down one point due to the tribe is called Hostile but I am not feeling it in my waters ;P

Total 16/40... I think this could be improved but sadly I had a bad batch of toast... lets see if you are still here after Easter...or have you EGG'ed it...get it Legged it :D

lets rate the new guy VUKI