Return of The Travelling Merchant


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Dear players,

the traveling merchant Midas is back and again in need of your help!Your job will be to guard him during his travels, and make sure he reaches his destination.

While the event surely sounds familiar to our seasoned veterans, please note that we made several changes and improvements since the last time you saw the event.

Midas will will start his journey on November 14 at 14:00 and be on his way for 4 days. His journey will end on November 18 at 14:00.

Since the last time you met Midas we implemented some improvements to the event.

  • We added a button to "Run away!" in the battle screen. This allows you to immediately end a battle. Fleeing from the battle will count it as lost, including all the negative effects.
  • We added a hint that informs about the inability to find additional chests when all chest slots are full.
  • We added the information about the fact that mercenaries can only gain experience for the first 20 battles a day to several places in the event interface.
  • The higher milestone rewards are now a bit easier to reach (required distance was reduced).
Defeating the raiders
During this event you have to defend the merchant Midas by battling incoming groups of raiders with your band of mercenaries. Each on of them has different strengths and weaknesses.

The raiders you encounter are randomly chosen from a pool of varying units with different offensive and defensive values. In each encounter you will have to use your men wisely, to be victorious.

The battle will happen in turns. At the bottom of the battle screen you will see which unit will attack when. When one unit attacks another it will reduce the defensive value by a randomly chosen value within it's attacking power. Once a unit's defensive value is reduced to zero it is knocked out. But don't worry if your mercenary gets knocked out. He will be available again in the next battle. At the bottom of the screen you can find a bar displaying the order in which the units will attack.The active unit is displayed by having a bigger icon. To attack a unit, simply click on it. An arrow will show you which unit was attacked and a number will display the damage it took. To speed up the animations and safe some precious time, you will find an option at the very bottom of the battle screen.

Opening chests
When all the raiders' units are defeated you will be rewarded with a chest. These can contain several items. To see what can potentially inside, you only need to click on the chest. Opening the chests will take some time, and you can only carry three. So make sure to unlock them regularly! Inside you will also find some experience for your mercenaries. Once they reach a higher level their offensive and defensive abilities will improve, but they will also encounter more daring opponents.

The merchant Midas will also reward you with additional rewards the closer you get to his destination. You can see the possible rewards displayed at the top. But keep in mind that only successful battles bring you closer to your destination! If you loose a battle you will have to flee and loose some of the distance you already traveled.

We hope you enjoy our event and wish you good on your journey ahead!
We are also looking forward to your feedback, which you can provide in this thread.
Your Tribal Wars Team