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Hello all, this is a simple yet hopefully entertaining tale, one of a PP buying fool verses a semi competent player. It is worth paying attention to if you're in K44 as his village is now pretty weak and ripe for a quick steal. If that's all your here for shoot right to the two reports highlighted with asterixis.

Who you may ask are our protagonists? Well there is little old me, on around 700 points or so. And there is the villain of our piece, masterdipper, who has paid his way to 5600 points. On first sight this may not have appeared a fair fight. However we have the same sad tale of someone who knows how to manage an account and someone who has paid for their success and doesn't understand the basics of the game.

I first noticed the masterdipper a few days ago, he was founder of a tribe called Shrimp Gang. I noticed how quickly he was acquiring points for himself and low point+low activity players for his tribe. All the players he got seemed to be on top of one another and pretty close to me. I thought to myself, 'I have seen these kind of practices before, I don't ever remember them finished anything other than badly'. This is mass recruiting! I had reviewed his TWStats page to show that there was no history of getting far into a world. So I wrote him off as not very good. This was confirmed to me by his nobling of a village a few squares from his first that was barely more than a barbarian.

We had the very briefest of exchanges on the 14th

masterdipper Jun 14, 13:58
You active
The-Ce Jun 14, 21:05

I had read the mail as it was a notification on the phone but chose not to respond for a few hours to make him think I was less active than I actually am.
Then on the 18th I have another A grade A effort to recruit me to the shrimps. One again, I chose to ignore to make him think I was only semi active. To my surprise he sent a scout attack. I will have to apologise on behalf of masterdipper for the poor English, but correcting it would be unfair, I do appreciate the 'egnore' though!
masterdipper Jun 18, 08:42
would u like to join us, your close by and active.
The-Ce Jun 18, 15:50
That’s an interesting recruitment technique!
masterdipper Jun 18, 16:27
well u had time to reply u read my message and egnored it
The-Ce Jun 18, 17:14
Because I have no respect for someone who just throws their wallet at this game! How much have you actually spent?
masterdipper Jun 18, 17:31
no respect lol u dont know the meaning of respect...its a game. and what i do and spend is none your business. salty boy, every1 spends on here,cannot beat them join them.dont like it then quit like a girl.u had the chance to join us.
This is where things have gotten interesting. I will admit, it has been a few years since I have played, when I last played I am sure I could support whoever. So I tried messaging a few people in my neighbourhood.
This was to cuzzer a leader of another local tribe West Kingdom.
The-Ce Jun 18, 16:00
I understand you have a NAP with his tribe. But the master dipper is attacking me. He doesn’t know my actual troop numbers as he didn’t get that. His noble/siege attack lands at 2023. The clearing attack is around 1830. If your able to get any support to me between them we can teach the guy a real lesson and cost him a bit of all that real world money he has been spending. He doesn’t ever need to know who is helping.
Yet here the wretch thinks he has had one over on me;
masterdipper Jun 18, 17:38
and nice try with messaging other tribes to help u. king russ is my allie.

It appears he doesn't know you can't support non tribe members too! Though I don't imagine he will even support any of his own tribe either.
Anyway I pointed out his spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired and that if he wants to be considered capable then appearing intelligent enough to create error free sentences would be a good start. I got this abomination of the English language back, now you may say he may not be English speaking, yet he states he works for the NHS so I presume is a UK resident. (my italics)
masterdipper Jun 18, 17:52
haha, is that all you can say lol , end of the day you had a chance and you judged me by me spending money on a game , are there rules no and we allowed yes so wjy are you here moaning about something most people do on this game , dont play it if u cannot handle it , i can see your a terrible player so pick a different game , my attack's will be fine, i have plenty more troops , and if u any support they will be wiped also .
The-Ce Jun 18, 18:05
I agree people pay for this game, premium works and is useful. What you’ve done is you have bought a village. Then rather than noble a good village at some distance you’ve attacked barely developed villages in your immediate neighbourhood. This is tactically poor. At some point you won’t have the wallet to keep upgrading several villages, at that point your tactical inability will cost you. Those more competent players will out wit you and all the money spent will be for naught.
Now despite claiming that I am 'salty' our villain seems to have been riled by me;
masterdipper Jun 18, 18:18
not botherd about u trying to correct my grammer, my grammer matters when its worth, plus am at work and a small phone and replying back to you quick so save ya boring grammer correction. my wallet will never run low,i dont drive porsches for no reason. just saying.i never bought all my stuff on here lol i was 1,500 points before i put premium points on, anyway have a look back at why all this started, your salty over a game just deal with it, if i lose my stuff i just start again played this game for 12 years. but saying u have bo respect because i work hard and find my peace on a game weather i put money on or not shows u clearly dont understand the word respect. i was nice to offer you a place but you was rude and never replied but u reply soon as i attack.makes me laugh
Within this post there are several lies. Apparently phones don't have spell check, my apple does, I presume most phones do, so how have these errors made it into his writtting, lie one. 'my wallet will never run low,i dont drive porsches for no reason.' I will just leave that one there, lie two. Not turning on premium till he was at 1500 points, TWStats shows that lie (three) http://www.twstats.co.uk/uk50/index.php?page=player&id=710628&tab=history day one 178 points, day two 657 and day three 951. All without PP, I am wrong about him, this guy's a master. Playing the game for twelve years, again TWstats doesn't support this, but neither does what follows, lie four.

Having seen is was coming in at what I thought was axe pace I dodged his first attack
The use of swords made timing the snipe a pain but off went my offence as I know this fight cannot be won.
I don't know what I actually killed but was worth around 200 ODA.

I then get this little pair;

masterdipper Jun 18, 19:44
Who says u have to be educated to make money lol I work for the government so I think I am doing dam fine in life,clearly u cannot tell if any1 lies as u are very wrong now haha,I want what I have sent to die lol
The-Ce Jun 18, 19:45
Well I suppose I will have to do my best to oblige.
This is what he sent to die;
https://uk50.tribalwars.co.uk/public_report/dbeed22356aadc40a04b002af03537dc (report one)
This must be some next level tactic, suiciding nobles with HC, swords and spears? Sure I am no master but no one has every suggested that as the meta to me.

I decide the poke him a little, this is fun for me;
The-Ce Jun 18, 20:27
Looks like you’ll be getting that wallet out again! And I am bad at this game eh?
masterdipper Jun 18, 20:29
Wallets fat hardly lost much on the attack lol
The-Ce Jun 18, 20:32
Unless you’re bill gates or Geoff Bezos you’re wallet isn’t deep enough to overcome your lack of skill.
That was truly poor, rather than wasting your money why don’t you try and learn how to play without cutting corners? Those are the skills that will enable you to last long term in the game.
Once again, masterdipper falls back on lying for cover for his poor tactics. Apparently he 'forgot' to include his offensive troops. Whoops. It wasn't incompetence, at least he can pay his way out of it, even if he has to sell one of these Porches he drives!
masterdipper Jun 18, 20:43
I will be here as long as I like to be like I said before if I get wiped I just start again simple. Anyway I had no intention winning that attack, I have more nobles and u will be gone soon.your just a cling on, be my base soon
The-Ce Jun 18, 20:50
You had ‘no intention of winning the attack’. That’s another lie. That’s top level tactics there; suicide a noble on a village not even worth taking. Get the credit card out again!
Not lost much, you have attacked with spears, swords and HC. That is real clever work. What is worse the attack was hours after the clearing attack. Why don’t you concentrate on nobling barbarian villages, you lack the competence to deal with a real person.
masterdipper Jun 18, 20:52
I actually forgot to send my axe and lc and was too late to cancel my attack so yes I knew I would lose that 1, but it’s cool I have more
So I have had some more attacks today, this one was apperently a fake;
Why would you do this? Send the smallest you can. It's not hard.

Then todays big attack;


Oh dear, that didn't work out too well for him did it. His main groups of catapults and rams have been wiped by a player that has only about 15% of his points. Maybe he didn't mean to send the attack, maybe he wanted to put more troops in it, maybe he didn't want all those troops? This guy is full of out there tactics.

So this player, who has been playing for 12 years;), has managed to loose. So far he has thrown 168,530 wood, 175,680 clay and 165,320 metal. And he still hasn't cleared me. If there is anyone out there who wants an easy but rather large village in K44 he's a good bet. All the best.
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And this people is what you call a salty little child ,which he failed to say he egnored after I offered him a place in tribe then told me he has no respect for me because I buy pp, and judging me on what I do with my own money,people like this are just weird as hell. By all means come get my base it’s name of the game right I ain’t salty, but please don’t listen to such a cry baby because I cleared him after judging me what I do with my own money. Peace out and stay safe guys
I did say I Ignored you, that was in the first unspoilered clip of emails. This lack of accuracy is what has cost you. Attention to detail is important.

Also to claim you have cleared me when the clearing attack is shown on the report as all dead and some of my troops are still there is not clearing me. How you think clearing someone with 12% of your points is an achievement too? I am not sure if you actually believe your own nonsense; claiming it has happened doesn't make it true.