Rumors of w50...


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I heard a rumour insomnia recruited from rim tribes, the spies talked about in the screenshot were spies HE recruited
That screenshot you referred to was a mail from Foremarke who was upset that Turtle No1 and I Jumped from Sparta to Wow. We were never spies, I was always completely open with Smudgey, the Sparta Duke, and told her that my game plan was to join Wow eventually when they reached the rim. I said there would probably need to be a fight first and that Wow would take in the best of the survivors because that's how these things work. I then helped Sparta form an aliance with CRSH and Heat while arranging for the members of WP (my tribe) to join either CRSH or Sparta.
Before hostilities really kicked off Jimkuri approached me with an offer to join Wow. However, he was absolutely clear that he wanted no intel on Sparta and was not interested in any spying.

So, now you know. We weren't spies, were helping out a rim tribe in the short term, none of whom were capable of surviving the long game.

You, on the other hand, duped a poor noob out of his village by making a promise that you had no intention nor ability to keep.


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I've never come across someone that gets so butt hurt if they don't get a gift from a leaving member... All world you've either been crying to council, or just up right not been about. I think its hilarious that you jumped ship and are now playing the victim.. and i'll find it even more hilarious when NHS drop you from the tribe nearer world end and you don't make final 20 :oops:

Once a snake always a snake Banskin, we should have listened from the beginning when we were warned about your presence.

And one last thing... stop blaming everything on Luke when you get called out on your bullshit... be a man and take it on the chin.


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so if judas is not on ... and beaver is not on ... who the hell is posting these messages?

Banskin, allow me to be one of the first to congratulate you on your world win that you got through backstabbing.

Oh wait, you're being consumed. And quickly. By the very tribe that said would offer you the respect "you deserved". You certainly did deserve this. I can only assume you pulled he same bs that you did in our tribe and they wouldnt tolerate it either.

In Summary:

Banskin, you let yourself down, you let me down, you let your tribe down.