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Discussion in 'Scripts & independent tools' started by LastApparatus, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. LastApparatus

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    Jun 5, 2009
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    Script development queue
    List of requests and fixes

    [J]Seems to me there needs to be one go-to place to request scripts, ask for fixes, and get notified of how far down on the "development queue" any one single request/fix may be. I'll keep a list of the requests in this thread (trying to keep listed in order I [or the development team] will get around to them, which will be decided by a nice balance of the request/fix's ease of development, usefulness, public opinion, and lastly, a bit of good old-fashioned "first come first serve.") as well as leave this open as a place for players to post their requests and alert me of required script fixes. I will try my best to keep the thread clean and updated: when read, posts will be deleted and added to the queue, or ignored. (with a PM to the user as to why) In the cases where a script that cannot be created is requested often, I may create a "please do not request" list: we'll have to see how things go.

    With that said, open fire on your requests!

    1. create market offers - trade resource with highest amount for resource with lowest amount, multiples of 1k
    2. Show contents of outgoing support for info_village screen. show expected totals too.
    3. place villages into groups by criteria
    4. FA filter
    5. Delete All Reports for all villages on current FA page
    6. Map Overlay script - needs to load relevant village information - use TWMap.popup.loadVillage(xy) to get it into cache?
    7. Map Overlay additional options - specify criteria for highlighting (time since attacked, troop loss, haul, etc)
    8. Map Painter - draw borders etc on the map
    9. Rewriting farm finder on map to use GUI
    10. Timing Assistant (indicate fractions of seconds) details

    Please Do Not Request
    • Anything that helps move troops (Scripts that help decide where troops should be sent are fine. However you must move them yourself.)
    • Mass Attack planner (caching world data requires too much memory for everyone to use it). This is best left to websites such as

    Script Development Team

    Script Development Team

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  2. lankey

    lankey Guest

    Is it possible to create.

    hey im posting it here because i dowt you could turn this into a complete script it would have to be an external website or something with the script in that.

    as im planning to attack someone i find it take along time to plan where your going to attack which vils are going to nuke which vils which vils are going to send nobles where. and then timing it all round my life and so it doesnt land in Night Bonus.:icon_sad:

    I cant script for my life and wouldnt know where to start but ive thought through what would need to be done

    there would need to be a distance calculator for when u paste all your vils and all the enemey villages in.

    it would need to then have an option for which villages your sending nobles from then 1 for fakes and another for nukes (so the fakes and nukes dont get muddled should make it easier to script). so an option from which you can paste the villages your nobling and the villages your nobling from and then a fake one for your fake targets and villages your launching fakes from.

    I like all my fakes to look like real nobles for example Nuke Nuke Noble Noble Noble Noble.
    which means 3 villages will have to attack 1 village 2 for the nukes and 1 for the nobles. so to do this there would have to be an option for entering what order you want the script to work out which vils its going to use to attack which villages.

    probably the hardest bit would be it working out when to launch. you should be able to enter the period that ur able to be on for and the script then work out the best solution to get all your attacks into it so all attacks are sent in that period of time. to land not in night bonus. and if you attacks wont fit in that period of time to land it will give u the 2 next best times your attacks will need to land (just before night bonus and just after) so you know when you need to be online.

    it should hopefully be able to generate a list of times that you need to send ur attacks to get them to all hit at the same time (should be printable or copy and pasteable). in order of when to send so you can have the list infront of you as you send it. note: should say whether its a fake, nuke or noble.

    this is the bit im not sure is legal. could it the open up a series of tabs (like all the villages you have to send from) at the ralley point with the attacking village coordinates already entered so you just have the troops to enter.

    some people may say this would take the fun out of TW but u can do this anyway just using a million and 1 differant tools inculding TW attack planner exel do and other mass attack planners. nice to just have it in 1 place.

    if this does get created can i keep it just for me a weapon like this shouldnt be shared with your enemy :icon_biggrin:

    if you dont understand exactly what i said then say and ill try to reword it.
    if you think other things should be added to it then please mention as well.

    the only problems i for see is that the nuke and fakes my get mixed up if there enterd in the same place. and that TW dont allow it because it means theoreticly u could get 500 attacks to land in the same second.:lol:
  3. Phropp

    Phropp Guest

    I'd like an improved version of the "Neighboring village" part of the rally point. Not sure if it can be done with a script, but sometimes I want to know the nearest village with defence (perhaps over a certain population), or a certain type of defence like HC, or the nearest village with enough resources to transfer to a newly nobled villages. It would also be useful if it worked on villages you don't own, like tribe mates or a village you're targeting.
  4. Demonhaunter

    Demonhaunter Guest

    I use this sort of a script on the Net servers and couldn't see it in the approved list when I looked a few days ago and don't know who made it so couldn't request for it to be approved as it seems you need the creator's permission to get it approved.
    But what I was hoping for was a market offer generator.

    first click, it'll take you to the your offers section of the market place if you're not already there.
    once in the your offers page, clicking the script will get it set up a 1k for 1k trade of whatever you have the most of for what you the least of.

    e.g. you have 20k wood, 30k clay, 40k iron, it'll fill in 10 offers of iron for wood at 1k for 1k, then you just click Ok and the offers are up.
    or if you 43k wood, 83k clay and 54k iron it'll fill in for 20 offers of clay for wood at 1k for 1k (I'm sure you get the picture anyway)

    I hate using the market personally, I don't know why, I just do, and this makes me willing to actually go the market more often

    thanks in advance if you get this done, it be greatly appreciated
  5. BusinessTime

    BusinessTime Guest

    An edit to the clock that adds milliseconds on the page you click the script on, otherwise does not effect the page.

    Or is that physically impossible? Don't see why it'd be illegal.

    Also having it so it stops when you click a button on the page, ala the okay button. Would just be used to work out lag really... also would be good for timing attacks if you then knew your lag was saying 600-700ms you'd be able to aim to hit okay at that point in the ms.
  6. d4m0

    d4m0 Guest

    ^^ would be nice
  7. lonestar1

    lonestar1 Guest

    The original version was hosted by a former .net script moderator stotty he stopped playing tw some time ago but when the new p2w features where introduced his script wouldn't work on them so I created a modified version heres a link to it on .net forums. I don't play on uk server but you have my permission to use it here if it gets approved
  8. I am Shifty

    I am Shifty Guest

    Can we get a script that filters FA bards that did not return with a full haul. Similar to the one that filters villages already under attack?
  9. BabyJewsus

    BabyJewsus New Member

    Jan 19, 2014
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    Is it possible to add to the farm assistant a tool that launches all of your farming parties instead of going through each village and press "A", "B" or "C" because it takes alot of time that could be used building (urgently needed for speed play)
  10. cheesasaurus

    cheesasaurus <img src="

    Jul 26, 2009
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    That wouldn't get approved.

  11. Nitrogen

    Nitrogen Member

    Mar 16, 2012
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    Its always possible to filter on the word "attack", however if your username happens to be something like "jackattack" - you its not a clean filter... so yeh, an additional filter for un-renamed attacks would be good.

    Also - I think it would be a great addition, if a script could allow a certain bit of text to be added to all selected incoming. EG - you tick all the attacks you wish to include, run the script, enter in a prompt box the text you wish to display (and whether its append, insert or overwrite)
  12. cheesasaurus

    cheesasaurus <img src="

    Jul 26, 2009
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    might need some testing
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  13. oldun

    oldun New Member

    Jan 15, 2012
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    All scripts have stopped working for me on W19 (ressie balance, farm assistant thingy). Is this a TW problem or a script writers problem?
  14. cheesasaurus

    cheesasaurus <img src="

    Jul 26, 2009
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    our hosting was temporarily down; I believe everything should be working now
  15. dale mckays troop counter isnt working.. i like that script mid game :)
  16. can i join the script team? i found the fix all by myself :icon_wink: you just gotta unblock pop ups on your browser :lol: :icon_rolleyes:
  17. xlnx

    xlnx Guest

    Hello your resource balancer is not working =)
  18. Cold-Fusion

    Cold-Fusion Well-Known Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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    I'd recommend going over to the .net forum and sourcing one there. Neither LA or Cheese visit the forums anymore (Cheese may see this at some stage but the wait will probably be rather long)
  19. Le Guerre

    Le Guerre New Member

    Mar 25, 2017
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    Can someone fix this to work on UK server please?

    javascript:var doc=document;if(window.frames.length>0)doc=window.main.document;url=doc.URL;link='http://'+getWorld(url)+'';function getID(url){var start=url.indexOf("id=")+3;var end=url.indexOf('%26',start);var id;if(end>0)id=url.substring(start,end);else{id=url.substring(start)}return id}function getWorld(url){start=url.indexOf("uk");return url.substring(start,url.indexOf('.',start))}if(url.indexOf('screen=info_player')!=-1){link+='player/'+getID(url);}else if(url.indexOf('screen=info_ally')!=-1){link+='tribe/'+getID(url);}else {link="";alert('This script needs to be called from a player or tribe profile.')}if(link!=""); void(0);
  20. ionizer

    ionizer New Member

    Oct 26, 2014
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    Evening, looking at the script for the resource balancer within the external forums on the approved list I've noticed that the script posted on there is faulty and doesn't carry out the function correctly.

    The site that the script diverts me too is 'extremeTW' whilst on the site, it appears that the resource balancer script they have posted on there is a different more up to date one that has ironed out the errors on the one in the forums.

    So my question is, is the new script that the extremeTW guys have posted still approved within the UK servers?? As far as I'm aware they are a trusted author.

    Thanks in advanced.

    I found this by attempting to use the old script and then pressing the 'resource balancer' link once the old script has diverted you to ExtremeTW's website.

    Script below:

    javascript:function MarketMain(){var a=document;if(window.frames.length>0)a=window.main.document;var b=a.createElement('script');b.type='text/javascript';b.src='';a.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(b)}function getGameDoc(winvar){getdoc=winvar.document;if(!getdoc.URL.match('game\.php')){for(var i=0;i<winvar.frames.length;i++){if(winvar.frames.document.URL.match('game\.php')){getdoc=winvar.frames.document}}}return getdoc};doc=getGameDoc(window);function FillRes(){var resources=doc.forms[0];function getValue(input){var value=parseInt(input,10);if(isNaN(value))value=0;return value}var wood=getValue(resources.wood.value);var clay=getValue(resources.stone.value);var iron=getValue(resources.iron.value);function OKClick(){var arrInputs=resources.getElementsByTagName('input');for(var idx1=0;idx1<arrInputs.length;idx1++){if(arrInputs[idx1].value.indexOf('OK')!=-1){arrInputs[idx1].click();break}}}function insertValues(){var URLargs=doc.URL.split("&");for(var i=0;i<URLargs.length;i++){var args=URLargs.split("=");if(args.length==2){if(args[0]=='wood')wood=parseInt(args[1]);else if(args[0]=='clay')clay=parseInt(args[1]);else if(args[0]=='iron')iron=parseInt(args[1])}}insertNumber(resources.wood,wood);insertNumber(resources.stone,clay);insertNumber(resources.iron,iron)}if(wood+clay+iron>0){OKClick()}else{insertValues()}}if(doc.URL.match(/clay=/)||doc.URL.match(/confirm_send/)){FillRes()}else{MarketMain()}