Smile? account... anyone want?

Discussion in 'UK 4 - Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by HiGH Till I DiE, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking for someone who wants the account Smile? currently rank 7 and has 7 days premium left. Contact me on skype (Grant502) or leave a message here. I can also help you with the account, but not much, as I'm leaving to go to world 6.
  2. CovDude

    CovDude Guest

    Hi Grant... do you want someone to try to play the account, or can they do with it what they wish ??

    Only asking, for the simple reason is no-one else is gonna take it on, unless they are good or they are gonna take it on to internally noble..

    I will at least be honest... I will take the account if no-one wants to play it, but I will only noble your vills into mine :)

    Good luck on W6
  3. na they gota play it not jus gift the vils :p
  4. CovDude

    CovDude Guest

    Thx 4 the quick response.. and I dont blame you for wanting someone to play it...( It takes time and skill to build up a top account)..

    Is there any conditions with taking over the account (i.e) what tribe to join or not to join ??

    I would like to play your vills for the simple reason that they would be in my enemies territory, and that is always a good challenge
  5. .Carebear

    .Carebear Guest

    Moved to the right forum. :)