Sometimes you have to see it to believe it...


TBF , I'm sure he plays the this game not to fight but rather for the pleasure of building them up, it takes all sorts. I'm sure whomever owns it next will appreciate all that he spends on it.

That 90 point barb certainly has A LOT of potential in that regard!


Hahahahaha, there are all types of players. Once met a guy who only nobled barbs because he did not want to attack players as that’s not what he wanted ‍♂️


Pixie I’m sure you are the PP bully now We made linukas quit just so you can have a thread about you ❤

And he turned those 9k barbs into nothing he just demolised everything the crazy loon
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Attacking players is cruel. Don't do it.

Hence why you always noble Barbs. Nice to see your still reasonable around nauz. Thought that horrible GOD complex would have you struck down by lighting ages ago. Ah well, even a 2 legged Dog can still drag his arse around so that explains you. Still sour no doubt that I took the first ever looter award off you. Best farmer my ass luff luff. I had my 7 hours sleep that day, and you were peeing in a bottle for 24hrs. I caught up to your 7-8 hour lead and then, well, beat you.

Come and play with me nauz..