Soon to be Lazy?

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So, we at Lazy? Have a little story for everyone today.

We've all heard of the teddy bears picnic. Well this year we didn't get invited. You see, Hugs & Soon went without us.

This was an outrage, we were all so upset. Some even tried to end themselves :(

But alas, we saw the light. After chowing down on some Internals we saw the soon family, and Daz told us, we can take them.

You see, Lazy? are getting in shape, we even joined a gym. So who are the lazy ones now! (I see those fat accounts soon!)

So come next years teddy bears picnic we plan to be all alone, because we don't want your hugs, we want your blood.

Or your villages, yeah your villages will do.

And guys, just because he smells of bacon don't go near him. Marco is an angry drunk.

P.S: How dare you deflate the super duck, we know it was you.

P.P.S: Daz didn't feel like he was mentioned enough.

Plug in Baby

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Anyone else feel like this was aimed at me?

Nope? Ah well i still feel honoured :lol:

Let the games begin, been a long time coming i think!

Good luck everybody


I made most of this the day you guys merged then it just never happened till today :D

So was a nice teddy bear theme for you :)


Being lazy doesn't work well with doing business in time :eek:

hur hur