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I will begin with my favourite quote of Kenny McCormicks':
Kenny McCormick said:
Mpffmfmmfpmp ffmppffmf mmmpmfpmf, mpfppfpff pffmppmmmpmf.

South Park is a team formed of South Park characters. We are mainly playing for fun, but winning is part of it aswell. We keep to strict rules, but they are part of the fun.


  • In order to join the South Park team, you must own an account which represents a character from South Park.
  • While you are using a SP themed account, all your troops, your villages, your resources, your freedom, your life and your souls are belong to us.
  • While playing with a SP themed account, you shall not join any other tribe than South Park. You forget all your previous alliances.
  • The tribe is open only to other SP characters. If you have the privilege of inviting players, you do not invite anyone beside SP accounts.
  • You are required to have skype.
  • If for any reason, you have the feeling that you need space, freedom, or any other needs to do whatever you want, you shall play with other accounts than the ones themed to SP.
  • If you change your account for one or more rounds, we forget who you are and you may forget us aswell. If you want things to return to normal, you return to the SP account.
  • No discussing SP internal affairs among non SP folk.
  • No gloating on the forum about SP - you represent us and this is a quality that we don't welcome.

Anyone is allowed to join, despite your past. However, we don't take betrayal lightly.

Thank you,
Tribal leaders Kenny McCormick & TweekTweak (Patris).
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Jeez bit harsh them rules don't you think :p Your not allowed to anything :p


Those wouldn't work well for me at all. It'd be better if the only rules were: no rules :icon_cool:


But seriously though, those rules don't allow anyone to do anything :p


Tbh I'd join up but I don't like the Skype usage and having a SP name, because everyone would know who we are anyway :p


Okay I want to know bro, what the hell is your problem? You've always got a nasty attitude towards people who you think are noobs. ie me and camelman, when we aren't. And it's pissing me off. No need for it.


:icon_rolleyes: - Uh well good luck with your speed team PM. Hopefully it lasts :icon_biggrin:


Goodluck to your tribe.

Try to form your own identity though.


This thread is entirely contradictory to what you want to be.

You have to decide whether you want to be a fun tribe or a serious tribe.
- If a fun tribe, remake the thread on your SP acc without the rules
- If a serious tribe, think of a new name and keep the rules.

P.S. That's all the advice you're getting from me.
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