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So these are likely not to happen but a few good ideas that I think would be really cool to see happen.

Turf war- For speed worlds two teams spawn a fair distance apart when they join they are auto assigned to a red or blue team and the teams battle it out until the world is won. To make this go faster you could raise the start significantly and put the speed fairly high. To make sure these worlds do not last too long you could set time limit for 2 hours or so and make it very clear in settings with a few days notice that you will only be allowed to join within the first 45m to 1hr. To accelerate the world even more you can add lots of special barb villas that spawn high in points as well. If somehow the world is not ending at that point you can always set total point victory for one team. Another way to keep it fair would be making players go to a waiting list to join so no team has a higher number of players at any time and if someone joins at the last second they would not be allowed in to keep the teams balanced.

Capture the Flag- You have three automatically determined tribes based on spawn location or randomized either works but the goal is for these tribes to capture and hold each flag which would be a villa or icon of some type. To make the flag neutral you would have to clear all residing troops in the villa from the tribe but the catch is everyone can see the number of troops in these flag villas and therefore can make the decision to either attack the flag or go after the team holding it since they may be low on def holding the flag. You get a point for every minute you hold the flag and the first team to 75 points wins. You can win faster by controlling multiple flags and getting 1-3 points per minute while being cautious to leave yourself too exposed. These flag villas can have random def buffs or reductions to keep it interesting like always lv 20 wall instant rebuilds after an attack or no wall at all permanently. To avoid one player dominating, only one player can capture a flag at a time but they can support allied flag caps.

Splat Central- For this world you can make it a little longer perhaps 2-5 hours and all players have permeant night bonus to make defending very easy and force players to focus on building and make the top players have to fight hard to get their second or third villas. Conversely you could make all off troops fight at 50% or reduce noble loyalty gain by 2 per noble to make nobbling slower.

Don't Bother Defending- Attacks are very slow but wall level is capped at 5 to make defending near impossible and make defenders have to snipe trains to survive while building an off of their own. To make it harder even make trains very close together time wise but give large travel times so players have the time to try.

No Cavalry Allowed- All ground based troops even scouts are banned so you go in guessing and it is simply who can build troops in barracks fastest, this would make troop building decisions very tough. Nobody will know who has what and where until it is too late so allowing all types of fakes would be awesome to fake someone that would look identical to a complete nuke and you will not know until the report pops up what it was.

Barbs Fight Back- Barbarian villas constantly build off and defense and send random at players, they could snipe trains and even noble your village if you are not careful which in my opinion would be the funniest thing to ever happen. You could even make a barbarian tribe that starts with a boost and they can declare war on random tribes and synchronize attacks on tribe members .

The Flip- Halfway through the lowest player in the game is given a full nuke with 26400 population and a full train to spice it up.

The Blip- The best player loses half their villas at the halfway point to see if they can hold their lead. (Or the Thanos Special)

These are just some cool ideas I doubt half of them are even possible but it would be really cool if some of these happened I would laugh my ass of if someone attacking me got nobled by a barbarian village you could even give them names and titles (Frank Barbarian Squire)

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some half decent ideas in there, if no one objects I may try a couple, some wont work such as flip, the lowest player is usually AFK, barbs fight back, again that would be....near enough impossible to carry out

i'll take a look at the no cav and splat central, pm me your skype


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Splat Central- For this world you can make it a little longer perhaps 2-5 hours and all players have permeant night bonus to make defending very easy and force players to focus on building and make the top players have to fight hard to get their second or third villas. Conversely you could make all off troops fight at 50% or reduce noble loyalty gain by 2 per noble to make nobbling slower.

Well, the following problems appeared during the gameplay, you can find them below.
1,this round was good, but not for bashing players out just for chatting. Everyone with any sense makes some def at the start. For example 2500 sp 1500 sw. It could almost repeal a nuke in this round.
2, UK and other tw speeds containing a lot of def players. In this round they got a full advantage. That's not fair, not just against the offs, I mean, against the tactical players like me and others. ( full def is not a tactic, that's a shame)
3, there was a turtle.uk and me as like a 2 biggest names in this speed round. I think we can agree with that. I doubt I'm no match to him yet but always try and I will do the same. So we would bash each other as we always did but that was just a pointless reason to do, that's why we didn't fight. I let him go around cleaned some villas to him. But this kind of rounds, if you have 3 members 2 def 1 off (maybe), everyone can be stucked so easily. Becouse of the 100% def bonus. I would've been able to accept this at the 2 3 4 days round also at the night round but not that round what is going to be featured during a day...

So the summary is just that I don't want to play any of crazy speed worlds cuz UK speed has its forms like, bash, 1-2 days, cluster 300-350, night round, 6 mine start, standard 400x.
Its uks unique I think, don't try to change it.

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Thank you for your reply, I do not intend to change speed at all I am simply offering some suggestions that can occur once a month to bring some new players to speed since it appears to be the same crowd most worlds. Changing it up may increase participation but I would leave 95% rounds as they are and I meant these to be curveballs that could make old veteran players that have played hundreds of speed rounds think "Huh that sounds kind of cool". I found that the round was actually quite fun because while the defensive players had the advantage you cannot win without playing some offense so this type of world forces players to move out of their comfort zone if they wish to have success. I think that the changing of tactics for the world actually takes the advantage away from the top players since anyone can have time to build up rather than having someone build up very fast and take the second place players villa and the round is over by then. Generally that is how almost all speed rounds go #1 and #2 see who can cap each other and then the world is settled at that point. But here players had to look at different targets because even if one player is slightly larger the defensive boost helps the smaller players. Essentially this world type rewards the players who put in the full three hours and understand how the changes effect their strategy. I rather enjoy bash rounds myself and would not want them to change that is why I joined the uk server rather than any other server. I believe that it would be cool to have a curveball round once in awhile to see who can adapt and who cannot. Much appreciate the reply, great to hear some feedback.

- Thanks Thanos


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Well I understand this somepoint, but all I can say is that the tops wouldn't be participating this kinda worlds cuz there's no action. Everyone goes def and when the def player repealed the off's troops just set his 4 nobs and walking into the free empty village. If you're full off you'd be overwhelmed this way. If u have some def you won't be able to bash the def players out.
If u really want this kind of speed I agree but the first I seen
Reduce the off troops attacking rates, that means no one will be off there cuz it would be a committed suicide, you ask why?
Cuz off troops have less defensive rates and if you will want to reduce that maybe 800 hc could rim all the nuke out. In offence, same. I was counting during that round and the result was that I expected.
If u have a full 24k def village, your opp needs 4 nukes with minimum 0 luck and 100 morale to wipe you out. Aaand I think now you realized why this setting is going to be denied.
Next, the no cav units. Well, you can farm until the barbs don't have wall. Then you'll start losing your troops constantly. Without any cavalry unit, your opponent needs to make 3000 swords and your axe-ram nuke will be killed cuz you won't have any type of unit that can kill the swords without light cavs, even though I didn't mention the archers... Archs the second most powerful defensive units after hc in speed and normal worlds too. 1500 archers could send your axe ram nuke back to the Almighty (so sorry about this... Joke)
So this wraps up this lil text now, I'm waiting for your response

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By no means are these a final product and deficiently need some adjustments, you are correct and bring up some good points that should be addressed like the farming on no cav worlds, and defensive boosters. To make this fair they could implement a defensive negator or no wall allowed to make the odds closer. I am not saying it would work in the end but it can be tinkered with to make even. Also I am not a TW representative by any means but if it is possible to set how many points barb villas grow to would it not be possible to make a setting keeping the walls at zero so farming would be loss free?

I think that it would take many trial and error attempts but I think many of these are feasible if enough players showed interest. Personally from what I have seen over the years if my memory has not faded that the amount of speed players has reduced significantly I recall a point where there was upwards of 100 players on speed rounds and now I find there is generally 25. I do not claim to speak for everyone because people disagree for sure but I know many players who are interested in crazy world settings once a month just to have some fun and not play serious.

I found that last defensive booster round to be a little slower which some might prefer. Some like myself and you found it a little too slow and that is fine with me they will never be able to make the perfect round. All I care about is that there is something for everyone maybe a slower round once in awhile for those who have some time and want to play casually and much more intense rounds where you have large raised starts and have nobles within the first 10m of the round. Perhaps a raised start would improve the pace of rounds like those which would be something to consider. But also I would love to ideas like the first two that are pure action based all out fights. Or I have no idea if assigned teams are possible but I think it would be awesome to have players split into two teams and see which team has the best skill and communication to beat the other. Again, no idea if these are possible but I would certainly love to see them occur.

Also I do not know if I have missed any of these but is it just me or did raised start with longer rounds disappear? I remember starting at 5k in a fast paced world that lasted sometimes 2 day and those were my favorite worlds. There were certainly flaws like smaller players had no chance once the top end is established which could be fixed by instituting a casual twist where you can only attack within 40% of your range or make large moral boosts for the lower players to be given a chance to develop a bit before getting pummeled by the number one player.

It would also be cool as well to have a world where every single barb is a bonus barb you can noble. Personally that would be kinda cool to have all villas boosted in some ways. Or have TW staff contact one player ahead of time and start them at 8000pts and everyone else who joins has to team up to beat that one player and see if they can hold the lead or be overcome by the odds.

Thanks Thanos


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Well, I prefer "half speed rounds", I mean 200-350. 400 is too fast for me, cuz I'm old... Muhaha
So let's get serious. U want more players inside speed rounds, well, that's somepoint is honorable and acceptable but have u ever thought about the older players now have no more time to play?
I think we could "run" with this 25 50 75 players week by week, day by day. I think UK speed is like kinda family nowadays. No rivals (except 9 Romanians who re teaming up against 1 player all the time, cuz they have much more fears and illegal scripts than real knowledge). But I'm on to mention this is not the way of UK. :)
Some of our bests showing up and then go away. We don't care about season players who's name would be forgotten in days or weeks.
This is ours and this is unique.

Raised start round also exists but thankfully, it's rare. I call that just a playground cuz there's no need any skills, just going for nobles and taking barbs, full def and you can win...pf,pathetic, I really don't like it. Anyway moral is on, it is able to kick 10 nuke in 1 village.

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Yeah I understand people who do not have time to play anymore which is why it might be useful to shorten the round lengths for some rounds so old players can come on and play for 1-3 hours and not have to sit down for too long. I have found myself that even 2 hours for a round can be hard to find the time given I am a full time student and athlete. I have also heard of these Romanians and have yet to see them myself although I have not had the time to play much speed lately. Personally I enjoy having a variety of lengths from 2 days to 1 hour they are fun to me however I would prefer that the majority of the rounds be shorter so players like myself can play more often.

I think that the moderators should create a month schedule ahead of time that reoccurs throughout and can be changed via player feedback. If they were to post this schedule for the entire month I think way more people would find the time to play because the short notice is quite a problem for me at least.

Thanks Thanos

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There are some good points in all these posts.

At the moment, I can compete in the longer rounds due to being in lock-down, so I have been swapping between different servers to be able to play those slightly longer rounds.

I enjoy the 100% loyalty reductions however it does make it at times harder to defend and costly to defend due to the amount of def needed to take out a full nuke. If your enemy has more nukes than you have def they can just bash you and then walk in with ease.

unfortunately there is no skill in it, other than being able to attack as much as you can to break the other player.

Onto the above suggestions:

Turf War:

You would have to have it as a no leaving the tribe, no outside support, no attacking tribe mates, it would help reduce the chances of backstabbing and make the tribe actually work together instead of them moving to another tribe for the win.

Capture the Flag:

Its an interesting Concept not much different to the runes on normal worlds where you need a % of them to be able to win the world. with the runes they have 50% reduced Def. Makes it a lot harder to defend them due to the amount of def needed to put into kill nukes.

The 1st team to 75 points is interesting, you could make it more so that, if you lose the Flag that you also start to lose those points already gained. It could make it a much more fast paced world and possibly reduce the number of turtles at the beginning.

You could have it as those flag villages are crazy villages, like the 50k point villages. lvl 50 walls and everything what goes with them. make it difficult to grab them. you could also make it that nobles are less efficient against them. So instead of nobles doing 20-35 loyalty they taken 5-15 Loyalty,

Splat Central:

This only really benefits the turtles of the world. They will build full def have nobles in them and just find it easy to cap from the offensive players. To make it more of a fair balance you could have night mode on and off throughout the round.

lets for argument sake say that the round is 6hrs long.

you could have night mode on every other 30 mins or 1hr. like a rolling time for it. this allows players to be able to defend or attack and still have that action within the game instead of everyone just turtle-ling it out and point whoring for the win.

Don't Bother Defending:

Basically let the Re-capathon begin :D

Cheap nobles/coins so that you have the ability to keep recapping until you can get ahead of the attacks.

No Cavalry Allowed:

Another interesting concept, It could work if you increased the stats for Axes, as you will have 2-3 defense units depending on whether or not it is a archer world.

You could have it as no wall world. it gives you a little bit of a chance to be able to attack more effectively. 20k axe nukes vs 20k def vills with no walls. Just a thought.

Barbs Fight Back:

I really like this idea, nobling barbs is really quite boring, if the barbs can defend/snipe and even attack back, it would make it for more interesting of a world, it will stop certain players only nobling barbs and growing easily to massive sizes.

You get it on the longer rounds where some players will only noble barbs and ignore tribemates if they need help. if the barbs acted like players then those players who don't normally attack enemies maybe more inclined to do so.

The Flip:

Like others have said most of the small players are small cause they aren't playing :(

The Blip:

Would those villages they lose disappear off the map completely or would they turn barb? and if they do turn Barb would the units inside be replaced or not?
I think if this was introduced it would have to be removed from the map completely otherwise they will just barb noble back to the top, instead of targeting other players to get that rank back.

Bonus Round:

No normal villages, just bonus villages with higher than normal stats.

10% Growing Crops = 100% Growing Crops
50% Storage = 500% Storage
50% Workshop = 500% Workshop
33% Barracks = 330% Barracks
33% Stables = 330% Stables
33% Pits = 330% Pits
100% Wood = 1000 % Wood
100% Clay = 1000% Clay
100% Iron = 1000% Iron

It would make it a interesting world with these added bonuses.


This maybe an interesting setting if it could be implemented. this world reduce the players from growing big accounts and then doing nothing with them. If you have villages with troops in not doing anything, you start to lose them. if the troops are moving then they are safe, it is those which are sitting at home.

It would have to be possible a village point % on how many troops you lose during the round, either every minute or every 10 mins.


Its very rare to see churches on speed rounds, how about implementing them every so often :) it would make it interesting for defending/attacking.

Growing Crops Bonanza:

Every village is a Growing Crops village, bigger farms in general :)

Back To Basics:

This will be a controversial subject. No Premium, No AM, No FA.

It will be whoever can manage an account without the benefits of a prem account, put yourself on the same level as those who don't or cant afford the prem accounts. We all know there will be accounts without it.


How about adding flags into speed? Like on normal worlds.
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I actually like a lot of these ideas, the concept of a "Back to basics" would be quite interesting but would need to be slower speed because it would be near impossible to farm effectively without LA.

Personally I would not mind churches that would be quite fun but would have to be a rare occurrence for me.

Flags would be interesting concept to explore also would have to be a bit slower paced for them to be truly effective.

I love the idea of growing crops for every villa that would be good for a faster round or a raised round so players can get to max nukes quickly.

My favorite idea is capture the flag, generally speed is one or two players vs the world but having players be forced to work with their allies would be awesome, would need to be slower pace so players can have time to talk and plan together.

Turf war would have no leaving the tribe as a setting as well that I totally agree.

Does anyone agree that a monthly speed schedule would help everyone be able to plan ahead and increase participation especially if players knew what type of round would appear when. I love raised bash rounds but the odds of me stumbling upon them and having the time is very little. If I knew at the start of the month I could prepare and adjust my schedule so I can play the rounds I enjoy.

Thanks Thanos