Speed Start Up


You've never won a round, and now you're giving bad advice?

HQ should never be lower than 27 at startup.


stop spammin, isax.

i normally go, 12,7,3
the get 100 spears and farm all barbs in 15X15 dry.
then get stable.
research lc.
rush lc.
mines, 12,9,15
get 2K lc, then farm every barb!
Academy rush,
Noble biggest player in the world.
or summin like that, but unless you understand why i do it, its not going to help[ you.

anyone got any thoughts?


cleaned up this thread. Please don't derail a thread on a guide into a personal who did what to whom on speed rounds?! Use the speed forum if you must but no more in here please.


Lets be honest guys; there are 100 different ways you can play speed rounds; alot of it depends on your area, who else is playing, and of course the actually SPEED of it!

I've won games where I've minewhored and where I've been at 2k points with only 7/7/7 pits because of lc farming, so really it is down to user preference.


Dear Players,

As everybody knows, the standard level at the speed rounds isn't very hight at the moment. The winner of speed rounds always ends far, really far, above the number 2 and no, that doesn't make it more fun to the number 2. As I have been that number #1 several times now, and players ingame asked to my what my tactics are , I think I should be able to post a specific start up guide which will, hopefully, make the start level far more high.

First thing you have to keep in your mind, is that speed doesn't have anything to do whit a real world. Of course it's the same game, but the tactic shouldn't look like your real world tactic at all. Your rescourses should be far more high, as the speed is 200,300 or maybe 400x higher so you'll win much more with rescourses at a speed world than rescourses at a normal world. The thing I always do is update my rescourses till 7/5/2 or sometimes 6/4/2 before upping my headquarter and barracks. As I do have these rescourses and barracks, I am going to start a rush of spearfighters. Should be something around 100 speerfighter, which you could use to farm barbarian and other abandon villages. With the rescourses you will win with this, you could best update your rescourse levels to an high point. If there are many barbarian villages in the world, just go to 16/15/17 rescourses, with less barbs and abondon villages go to 20/20/21.

With these rescourses you should make an smithy and after that the stable. Make 5 scouts and after that start rushing brownies (LC). Make your farm runs as small as possible. Staying active is very important! Otherwise you won't be able to let your brownies farm constantly. When you reach 500 brownies, start making axes. Try to train your infantery and cavalery constantly and if you are able to do that, start rushing your barrack and stable level. This should bring you to around an 4000/2000 nuke after 2 hours of active playing (these 2 hours are at 400x speed). Start making rammies and update your rescourse levels as well. If your rescourses are around 24 24 24, the speed level is very important! If there are many ''pro-speeders'', it's important to go to and academy as quick as possible. If it is a low skilled speed OR a cluster speed whitout pro's in your noble direction, just update your rescourses till 28/28/28 and let your targets grow up. Never noble a second village with less than 4.000 points!

All right, back to the point of 24/24/24 rescourses or the 28/28/28, you have to go to a noble train with the coin system, or 3 nobles if there is a 3 level academy system. Never attack with less than 3 nobles, but try to have a noble train! While making your train, it's important to try that you keep making axes and brownies. If you are not able to do that, stop making your axes, but never stop making brownies! If you have used this tactic activily, you should have around the 5000/3000/300 nuke, 4 nobles and a top-5 ranking. Try to get a village as big as possible, but never get a defence village as second one, that would ruin your nuke. After nobling that second village, direct start making defence in your second one and use your nobles to get an 3rd and even a 4th village.

You should of have an 4000/2000/200 nuke for now, 4 villages (2, 3 and 4 all defence) and ranking 1, 2 or 3. Now you could easily make many troops. Thanks to your 3 defence villages you will very quickly be able to get a 9000/9000 defence, which helps you against attacks from other people. Thanks to your clear you will be able to noble quickly and stay high ranked till the end.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was what you expected when people asked me to make something,
Pim (Arthur Pendragon. / Kick Makowski)

PS: If people like to, I'll make a part 2 guide (about scripts at speed) and a part 3 guide (about using skills and terms).

.nl <3


my mines every time stays at 1-1-1 till i have like 1k pts.
If really good farmer then dont need to rush mines, just waste of time and res.