Story, Fable or Poem competition Win 1000 premium points


Winner to receive

1000 Premium points

Entry requirements:

All entries must be fictional

Max entry limit: No limit

Min entry: 1 A4 typed page

Minimum number of entries requirement - 5

Deadline for entries - 21st September!

Any questions, please do not ask on this thread, PM me or skype me!

Otherwise I look forward to reading your entries!

Any attempts at plagiarism which are uncovered will mean entrant will be disqualified!
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Update and should probably be moved to someplace where it is best suited!


Ive done mine it doesn't follow the rules precisely lol, n im not sure it equates to a a4 side :D

but i fail my english so im happy :p

We need to find another 3 wierdoe's at least like us to put entries :D