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Dear players

today we would like to introduce you to our next, new feature in Tribal Wars. The strongholds! You and your tribe will be able to pool your resources and construct these mighty FESTUNGEN to help you crush your foes!

With this announcement we are going to give you a quick overview on the feature and detail the most important aspects. For more information please visit our Wiki article.

The stronghold will premier together with the launch of world XX. Pre-registrations are already open/open on XXX, so come and join the fight!

What are strongholds?

Strongholds are bulwarks each tribe can build on the map. They will help your tribe to expand, and crush your enemies defenses. While very costly to construct, they provide your tribe with a set of different advantages and can be upgraded for even more powerful benefits.

While strongholds cannot be conquered, they can be destroyed with siege equipment, and if not reconstructed in time they will be removed from the map permanently. Strongholds will have all necessary buildings, but in contrast to normal villages they will be upgraded together with the stronghold itself. While the troops recruited in the stronghold do not differ from those from normal villages, strongholds do use a system called "Valor", which is similar to morale. If a stronghold attacks an enemy stronghold of a significantly larger tribe the units will get a bonus, if they attack a stronghold belonging to a significantly smaller tribe they will be weaker.

How to build a stronghold?

Each duke will find the option to construct a stronghold in the new stronghold overview screen. Once the location is chosen and the construction begins the tribe must deliver the needed resources in time and the duke must begin the construction; otherwise all resources delivered will be lost. When the construction has finished the new stronghold will be visible on the map and ready to be used. While the stronghold belongs to the tribe, only barons and dukes have full access to it and can control the troops recruited there.

Which benefits do they bring?

Next to the ability to host more troops and recruit them double as fast as normal villages can, the stronghold is also able to provide several specific bonuses. For each stronghold level the effect of your currently active tribe skill will be increased by 10%. Additionally, should you decide to attack an enemy stronghold and your tribe manages to reduce the enemy stronghold by one (or more) levels, all tribe members will be rewarded with coins and an additional recruitment speed buff will be added to your stronghold temporarily.

For more detailed information head over to our WIKI ARTICLE.

We are looking forward to seeing you on WORLD and are looking forward to your feedback, which you can provide in THIS THREAD.


Tribal Wars Team