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Update to version 8.194

Hello everyone,

Our somewhat new update will be released TODAY and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Changes and Improvements

Spring is here - and with the magic of spring, comes the magic of... Unicorns!

From now on, all scout and cavalry units will be replaced with powerful and mystical Unicorn units.All Unicorn units have the ability to fly over walls, and are immune to attacks from all non-Unicorn units!

  • Sneaky Unicorns (previously known as Scouts) not only accurately reveal all of the enemies forces, they will also be able to use the power of love and friendship to reveal the location of the enemy hiding place - hooray!
  • Rainbow Unicorns (previously known as Heavy Cavalry) can fire high-powered rainbow laser beams from their eyes, instantly vaporising almost any enemy unit from a range of up to 10 fields away!
  • Pretty Unicorns (previously known as Light Cavalry) are now the fastest units in the game, travelling at a speed of 1 field a minute, and they are able to carry other troops on their back, thus increasing the speed of the entire army!
We hope you enjoy these carefully balanced, permanent changes, coming RIGHT NOW to all worlds - including ones that are currently active! (edited)

If you want to share your feedback with us, please don't. Or use a different forum or something. We don't know. Or use this thread/below this announcement.
Your Tribal Wars Team